Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chalkboard Grocery List

I found out, during the course of this project, that the longer you stare at a word, the less sure you are that you've spelled it right.  I had to choose a font that I liked and by the end of it, I was convinced that I did not spell 'grocery' right.  I'm still uncertain.

As you saw in the last post, I put up a cabinet for a make-shift pantry.  On the inside of the pantry, I stuck a dry erase thingy to write down what I was out of for grocery list.  But it was all ugly and whatnot.  So, I got some chalkboard vinyl and made a shape.

I hope that I can trust you with the following information: I didn't test out the chalkboard vinyl before I put it up.  I just blindly trusted that it would work.  I could have made a complete fool of myself.

It worked though, so I will not be storming the offices of the company from which I bought the vinyl to demand a refund.

I added some white vinyl to the top (that I'm hoping is spelled correctly)...

And because if you have a chalkboard, you need chalk, I found a drawer pull at Lowe's for a few dollars and glued it upside down to the cabinet.  This will hold my handy-dandy chalk.

And that was that! Sometimes, just for fun, I add stuff to the list... like "awesomeness".  And then, I cross it off the list because I have so much of it already.

So easy and it's adorable in there.  I'm going to leave the door open so that I can look at it all the time.

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  1. As you know by now, yes, you spelled grocery right, or did you? It looks great.

  2. LOL - cute. I love this chalkboard with the little handle below for the chalk. You've been so busy - thanks for sharing at our party.


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