Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McDonald's Made Me McAngry.

A couple of weeks ago, I was running all over town trying to finish some errands.  I had my two-year old in the backseat and he had been pretty good, considering all the places to which he had been dragged the entire morning.  By the time we were heading back home, it was close to lunchtime so I decided to stop and get him a happy meal from McDonald's as a treat.


I ordered him a chicken nugget happy meal.  By this time, he had fallen asleep in the backseat and when he wakes up from a nap, he is unbearable.  The good news, I told myself, is that the chicken nuggets will cut short any temper tantrum he might have.

And it might have... if I had actually received the nuggets.  But I didn't get nuggets.  Here's what I got:

Do you see that? That's an entire chicken nugget box filled with tartar sauce.  TARTAR SAUCE.  Let's review a few things, so we are all on the same page:

1) I did not order tartar sauce.
2) I did not order fish or anything that might warrant tartar sauce.
3) I did order chicken nuggets.
4) I did not receive chicken nuggets.

By the time I had realized this, I was home.  And Noah was well into his "I just woke up" fit.  I was less than pleased.  The McYou-Know-What was about to hit the fan.

I drove back to McDonald's, screaming toddler in tow, and marched into the restaurant.  I asked to see the manager, which are words that no cashier is happy to hear.  I told the manager to open my nugget box and tell me what the crap that was.

She told me that was a side of tartar sauce.


I didn't order tartar sauce.  And by the way, if that amount constitutes a SIDE of tartar sauce, it's amazing we aren't all 500 pounds.

She replaced the meal.  She kept insisting that it was a side of tartar sauce, as if that would make it better.  Oh, and the toddler was screaming through this whole thing.  In fact, she's lucky I wasn't throwing myself on the floor and screaming, too.  Ah well, there's always next time.

Thrifty Crafty Girl


  1. What on Earth?!?! Why is it even in a nugget box in the first place?!

    Love how you specifically asked for no sauce as well!!

  2. ......that stinks! That's one time I would be fine with my toddler having a fit!

  3. Oh boy, I can totally understand you!! I am mad when this happens to me (not that I ever got that huge amount of tartar sauce!!!) not to mention if I have my small kid with me and he is in the "I just woke up" mood!

  4. oh my word, I would have had a complete come apart. I just don't have any words........

  5. haha that's SO weird!!! That picture totally grosses me out...ugh!! What a "side"!!

  6. How outrageous! Uncalled for! Unacceptable! That manager should have offered you a free Shamrock shake or an ice cream cone or something. McD's is getting lower and lower on my list of fast foods.... Hope the little one enjoyed the meal anyway, *wink*

  7. That is McCrazy!!!!!!!!! And somebody else probably got a fish sandwich and a box of nuggets. :<} I agree with Lori- they should definitely have offered you something free.

  8. Oh wow, this is definitely a first for me...I'm shocked!

  9. Um yeah that would have totally P.O'd our world too...gross amount of tarter sauce

  10. This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen!! Did they compensate you for having to go back? My husband would have been getting some free Smoothie coupons or writing a letter to the General manager on the managers lack of customer service.

  11. I'll never forget the time I was having a bad day, ordered a chicken sandwich from Wendy's.... and they forgot the meat. It was just a bun and tomato. Really? REALLY? Did we not notice that something important was missing from the chicken sandwich?


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