Thursday, April 5, 2012

Any Excuse To Eat Easter Candy...

Don't get me wrong, I love to craft.  I mean, I wouldn't have a crafting blog unless I liked to craft... but sometimes, a little more motivation is needed.  Naturally, I decided to craft and eat candy.  Those things just go together if you ask me.

Silhouette has free shapes every week and this week's was for an Easter egg cutout.  I don't usually do Silhouette crafts because I remember the sadness I felt before I had my Silhouette and I hate to make something that everyone else can't make, too.  In this case though, you could easily make these without a Silhouette.

I got some fun spring-y scrapbook paper and some embroidery floss in pretty colors.

I set up the Silhouette and cut out the shape...

And then I peeled it off the mat.  Here's the shape we're going for:

See?  Just an Easter egg with holes in the sides.  Totally do-able, even without a cutting machine.  I used the embroidery floss to start sewing the two sides together...

Once I got almost all the way around, I used the clipped-off corner of an envelope to fill them with Jellybeans.  I also ate some, so sue me.

Once I filled my mouth the egg, I finished sewing around and tied the strings together.

And just like that, I had fun little treat bags for the Easter guests.

Let's be honest though, they may not make it that long. :)

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