Monday, April 23, 2012

Apocalypse Monday - Dental Floss

Another Monday has rolled around an so has another installment of 'Apocalypse Monday'.  Today's must-have essential to prepare for an apocalypse: Dental Floss.

First of all, yes, that is an entire bucket of dental floss.  Second, I got it all free with coupons.  You can get floss for free... constantly.  Which is great, because it's going to come in handy when the end of the world rolls around.  Here are some of the different reasons dental floss is a necessity:

1.  Just because the world is ending doesn't mean sweet corn is ending.

2.  If you've run out of fishing line, this will do in a pinch.  And, as a bonus, the fish will have a slight minty taste.

3.  If the apocalypse is of a zombie-variety, floss makes for great trip-wires.

4.  When boredom sets in, you can always use it to play cats' cradle with other survivors.

5.  Even though the apocalypse has happened, you'll still be able to entertain kitty cats.

6.  Paper will be scarce, because everyone will be using it to burn for heat... floss can take the place of a bookmark in the meantime.

7.  When you have found an unopened box of Shredded Wheat, you'll be so ravenous you'll devour the whole thing and be in desperate need of floss.  ASK ME HOW I KNOW.

8.   When the world becomes quiet, you'll be able to make a guitar with a discarded shoebox and the floss. 

9.  Even though civilization has ended, you'll still be able to decorate your porch with some nice hanging plants.

10.  And finally, the most important reason: in the post-apocalyptic world, gingivitis is the real killer.

Until next time, survivors...

Thrifty Crafty Girl


  1. I could never survive without my floss either.

  2. Mondays are becoming my favorite day. What a funny way to start my week. Thanks!

  3. lol dental floss to save the day.

  4. Too funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now a follower of yours as well!

  5. You need to be on the show Doomsday Preppers on the National Geograpic channel. You crack me up.

    I wish I had the patience to coupon. I tried it for a while but I never got coupons of items we actually use.

  6. Second time it's said I'm unknown...weird. That Unknown comment it me. lol

  7. Has it really only been a week since the first Apocalypse Monday post? Goodness that was an extremely long week. At least I don't have to figure out how to survive on my own - thanks for taking that stress off my back!

  8. This post made me laugh, but really I do need to be better about flossing! I am your newest follower from the Networking Blog Hop! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  9. I need to start couponing again!!!


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