Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fabric Scrap Decoration

I pinned this project, which was from a series of 'what to do with fabric scrap' crafts.  This was simple and fun and it looks pretty when it's done... what else could a girl ask for?

If you've got some fabric scraps lying around, cut them into strips, about 1/2" wide or so by 6" long... these measurements don't have to be exact because anything we do turns out awesome, no matter what.

I should be a counselor, specializing in giving people affirmations of their own awesomeness.

Grab some styrofoam balls... The size you want is totally up to you, you awesome person.

Fire up the ol' glue gun and start hot gluing your scraps to your ball.

Make sure to glue the scraps in different directions for added interest.  Did you read that? "Added interest"... like I'm Martha friggin' Stewart over here.

By the end I got better at it... you should pull the strips tight so they really form to the ball.

And there you have it, a fabric-covered ball.

And the purpose of these balls? Why, decoration, of course...

I have several of these in a bowl I made... that's right, I made a bowl.  And I will show it to you next week.  That's called a 'cliff-hanger'.  I read about that somewhere.

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  1. Those area really cute and you are really funny!!!

  2. We have the exact same taste in fabric. I see scraps of my kitchen valance in there as well. Cute pin come to life!

  3. You are so funny as you cradt and post and hey I am on board to call you Martha friggin Stewart!! Love the project and I actually have a cute basket to put something like this in. can't wait to see the bowl :}

  4. Adorb, love it. I'll keep visiting because you're crafty AND funny, which is an excellent combination.

  5. That is a great decorating idea. I'm going to give this a try. Thanks :)
    Also thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back. I look forward to reading more :)

  6. Cute idea. I have tons of scraps laying around.


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