Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make Your Own Envelope

I budget.  I budget like a madwoman.  I know where every penny is going to go before we even get the penny.  I didn't always do that, and during those dark 'pre-budget' days, I had more stress than I care to remember.  Losing sleep over how to pay for prescriptions is a sad, sad place to be.

So, we started following Dave Ramsey's baby steps.  This isn't a personal finance blog so I won't get into details, but feel free to check out his program.  It really has been life-changing for our family.

One of the things the program suggests you do is use cash envelopes.  When you get paid, you refer to your budget to find out how much money you need for gas, groceries, clothes for the family, (anything you can pay cash for) and you take it out of the bank.  You put the cash into an envelope marked for that category and when the money in the envelope is gone, it's gone.  It does force you to make better buying decisions, that's for sure.

And even if you don't use cash envelopes, this project is too easy and cute to pass up... you can make envelopes for any purpose, including giving cash gifts to graduates, birthday kids, or bloggers who are super-awesome and need a pedicure.

I used my Silhouette to cut out an envelope shape.  If you don't have a Silhouette, no worries... there are tons of envelope templates online or you can pull apart a regular envelope and trace it to get the right shape.

Damask paper on top of damask fabric.  I think I just ripped a hole in time and space.

Fold the paper into the envelope...

At this point, you could just glue it up and call it done... but the hubs bought me a sewing machine and I'm trying to use it for everything.  I have not yet figured out how to use it for cooking, but give me time.

I just sewed up the sides.  To make the corners nice and neat, I sewed down the side to the bottom.  With the needle down, I lifted the presser foot, turned the paper 90 degrees, put the presser foot back down and sewed the next side.

See? Love it.  I sewed up all the envelopes just like that.

So simple!

That's a dollar bill.  I need another one in the envelope so they can meet, fall in love, and have lots of dollar bill babies.  That's how Warren Buffet made his money, so I hear.

I warn you, once you make one of these, you'll be stalking the paper aisle at Michael's, trying to find perfect paper to make more.  I hope you try this!

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  1. Love this post! I spent hours making some envelopes for our cash. Turns out I shouldn't have gone with a template I found online without making sure more than a single bill could fit! Turns out when you break down big bills you end up with lots of smaller bills. A stack of bills didn't fit the envelopes. And I spent hours selecting our paper so it matched the category of spending. I've yet to get ambitious enough again. Maybe soon. Your envelopes look fabulous!

  2. Yet another great use for my brand new Silhouette!!

  3. I have been on the fence about getting a Silhouette. Teetering ever so close. You, my dear, might have just pushed me over the edge!

    Dave Ramsey rocks! We have been working the baby steps too. Good luck on your journey!

  4. Those cash envelopes are so stylish. I bet your dollars feel like they need to put on their heels :) in order to feel stylish enough for your cute envelopes.

    Amy @

  5. If only dollar bills would meet up in an envelope and make baby can hope! lol

    They look great!

  6. I love your way of writing; it makes my smile from the beginning to the end ;) The envelopes are soooo pretty and the stitching makes them like store-bought. Chapeau!

  7. I would need the Silhouette and a sewing machine. Not very cost effective for me. But dang, these are so pretty I want them anyway!

    Thanks for sharing them on Show Off Saturday!


  8. I love them so much I featured them on this weeks. Show Off Saturday!


  9. Hi.i'm from Malaysia(a very small country and maybe you didn't even know of it's existence). The point here is, i accidentally found your blog and explored it for 2hours now. everything is so crafty & looks you made me laugh a lot.i just can't resist to explore it some more. Have a nice day!


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