Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time-Lapsed Grass

I found this awesome Easter decoration that Martha Stewart did.  You know what though? She probably didn't really do it.  She probably had some flunky do it... I mean, she's a gozillionaire... do they expect me to believe that ol' Martha was out back, feverishly tending to some grass everyday for an Easter decoration?

It could be that I'm cranky.  My husband tells me that happens.

At any rate, I thought a little Easter or spring display with some real grass would be fun and I thought I'd give it a whirl.

First, you can buy grass seed in bulk.  And it's super cheap.  I bought half a pound of rye grass seed from my local Ace Hardware and it cost less than $0.50.  I LOVE CHEAP.

I made a little box to grow the grass and I painted it a pretty blue... I filled 'er up with soil and planted some rye grass.  Here we go, enjoy the time-lapse fun:

Grass seed and water... nothing much going on day one.

GEEZ, IT'S ALREADY BEEN 48 HOURS, WHY AREN'T YOU GROWING YET?  Grass needs to be berated to grow, apparently... oh, I've just been informed that they need to be aerated, not berated.  Eh, I'm still going to yell at 'em.

 Do you see what screaming does for plants? BOOM. Grass is a-growing.

Ah, look at it.  Grass.  Terrific.

More green, more grass.  This is going swimmingly.

OK, so I skipped a couple of days... I've been a little busy.  There are so many great movies in my Netflix queue and they can't be neglected.  At any rate, this grass was full and lush within a week of planting.  I actually had to trim it to keep it from taking over the house.

So there you have it, beautiful readers.  You too can grow grass for an Easter or spring display... take that, Martha.
Thrifty Crafty Girl


  1. The grass is cool, but your story telling is a hoot! You go girl!!

  2. Ok...this looks easy enough that even someone without a green thumb could do. Love it!

  3. Love it! You really shouldn't yell at the poor little seeds, gosh, you big meanie. So now I know that rye grass grows super fast, thanks.

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  5. I love it! This post just made me happy!

    By the way, thanks for voting in my baby poll. The results will be posted in just a few minutes! Thanks again!


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