Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Linky Parties

Ah, Wednesday... how you confound me.  You aren't as miserable as Mondays but you're nowhere near as terrific as Friday.  You are stuck in the middle and I don't know what to do with you.

On Wednesdays, from now until forever or until I understand the real purpose of Wednesdays, I'll be sharing a bit of what I've learned since I've been blogging.  I get several emails a week about how to get traffic to your crafty sites, so I'll share the tip that helps me get lots more traffic: linky parties.

What are linky parties?  Bloggers hold linky parties where you can add your link (specifically, a link to your latest or greatest project) to their webpage.  Some linky parties are bigger than others, but you'll always get some extra traffic by linking up. Other people will visit this party and see your project listed... if it is something they are interested in, they'll click it and it will lead them to your site.

BOOM. Traffic found.

Where do you find the parties? I added a page to my site that has bunches of parties, listed by day... check some out here!

When you get there, read the rules to the party... some bloggers like for you to follow before you link up (which is a great idea anyway!) and some limit the number of links you can add.  You'll also almost always be asked to add their button to your post or site.   If your project gets enough clicks or the blogger likes it enough, they might feature your project, which is awesome.

There are enough parties to link up a project everyday... get started!

Thrifty Crafty Girl


  1. Hi Priscilla ~ I found you on Suzy's Sitcom page and enjoyed the interview (she is so much fun). I now follow you!

    Have a great evening.

  2. Thanks for the ga-zillion link parties on your new page!!! I will be more active on my blog in June for sure, maybe sooner. It's girls high school soccer season! `Hugs Lori

  3. I love a good link party, and a blog hop!! I'm blog hopping today and a new follower:) The hamburger buns look like they turned out well:)


  4. Would love to list my Tuesday Time Out linky party with you!


    Reasons To Skip The Housework {The Blog}
    Tinker B Boutique {The Shop}


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