Monday, May 21, 2012

Apocalypse Monday - Empty Bottles

I'm a couponer.  Not an extreme couponer, but I do get my fair share of good deals.  Last year, there was a deal on Osteo-Biflex that I get because the husband's joints make too much noise when he moves.  This awesome deal left me with lots of bottles that were too good to throw away.

I know you can't tell from this picture, but these dusty bottles are super-strong.  I mean, REALLY strong.  So naturally, they will come in handy when the zombies are recruiting for their baseball team.  Which is to say, eating you.

1.  Stack them like you see in the picture and you've got yourself a carnival game.  Hit them down with a ball and win yourself a stick from the yard!

2.  Catching fireflies.  All the mason jars will be storing preserves, so these will be a great place to catch those summertime fireflies.  Child-like whimsy will be important during the end of the world.

3. Catching fairies.  I'm not saying they exist... but if the zombies turn out to be real, then fairies probably are, too.  And you'll need to keep them so they will grant your wishes or make you fly or do whatever it is fairies are supposed to do.

4.  Throw some pebbles in them and make your own maracas.  This will come in handy during the neighborhood auditions for a new band.  Most of the performances will be held at anti-zombie rallies.

5.  You can use them to store cotton balls and q-tips.  Because it's more important than ever to use astringent and keep your ears clean.

6.  It's a great place to store your stolen water.  Let's say you're in a neighboring camp... they've got some water and you're thirsty... but they aren't the sharing type.  Set off a pipe bomb to distract them and put some of their life-saving water into your bottle.  They'll be none the wiser unless you've spilled the water all over yourself in the process.  Pour carefully.

7.  Set up a million of these on a rooftop somewhere and pray for rain.  While I've never had much success with rain dances, I've heard that jumping around and doing some disco moves will bring a little precipitation.  Make sure you have your loved ones with you to watch because they could use a chuckle.

8.  These are great for storing glitter.  If you think for one minute that I'll stop crafting just because blood-thirsty undead creatures are stalking me mercilessly, think again.

9.  These are great for storing some food.  Ziploc bags will become scarce during the apocalypse, but these are reusable.  Pour yourself a little oatmeal for later and you'll be glad you saved those bottles.

10.  Organization during times of survival is essential.  I mean, would there be 80 billion pins on Pinterest about organization if it wasn't necessary during an apocalypse? I think not.  Collect yourself a few hundred of these bottles and organize your camp until people think you really have snapped.  And then welcome yourself to my club.

Until next time survivors,

Thrifty Crafty Girl
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  1. LMAO! These posts make my day! You are so stinkin funny!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. I love #3 {and the fact that it ranked so high}. If Zombies do exist, I would definitely like to think that fairies do as well.

  3. Oooh those are purty!!!

    I love your blog and these Apocalypse Monday posts always give me something to look forward to and giggle about.


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