Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Covered My Floor Mats

The things I do for my family.

So... oh geez, what's a good way to say this?... my mother... is a bit... nutty.  Yes.  Nutty.  She obsesses about strange things.  For example, floor mats in cars.  She's completely obsessed with keeping them showroom-new.  Seriously, she's talked to me about a billion times of the importance with keeping the floor mats in my car clean.  She put rugs on hers.  I wish I was kidding.

In an effort to stop the nagging please my mother, I decided to cover my floor mats.  This could be the most ridiculous project I've ever undertaken.

I bought some fabric at Walmart.  I needed three yards total... I used home decor fabric that was almost like canvas, but a bit softer.  I came home, grabbed the floor mats and some velcro, and went to work.

I put the floor mat on top of the fabric.  The fabric was wide enough to wrap around the floor mat, so I just cut it lengthwise to fit.

I turned the fabric inside-out and set the floor mat on top, just to get an idea about placement...

I put the floor mat inside the folded fabric and pinned the two sides of fabric around it, right sides together.  I left a couple of inches between the mat and the pins because I had to take the mat out before sewing.  I pinned all but one side.

I took a Sharpie and marked close to the mat.  This will be my guideline for sewing and the pins will be holding the fabric in place.

I took the mat out through the one un-pinned side and sewed the other sides up using thread made for jeans.  It's getting hard-core up in here.

It's not exactly on the line, but it's all right.  After the three sides were sewed up, I cut the excess fabric from those sides.

I flipped it right-side out and shoved the mat in.

Oh, brother.  It's a covered floor mat.  Well, I'm in this deep, I need to see it through to the end.

I flipped the mat over and pinned the top of the open side to make a hem.

And then I sewed a hem to the top to make a flap.

I added velcro to the flap and the top side.  That way, it's easy to remove the mat to wash the cover.

And there it was... before I knew what hit me, I had four covered floor mats for my car.  I think I died a little inside that day.  And the worst part? They actually really look good... they kind of added something special to the car.  And those floor mats are so pristine, my mother won't be able to nag me at all.  About the mats, at least.

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  1. Never would have thought to do this. You are so creative.

  2. Priscilla, you definitely are awesome...and now your car is too. I couldn't help but chuckle as I read through this tutorial. Fortunately {or unfortunately}, no one cares about the state of my car mats SO I'll admire yours instead :)

  3. You crack me up! You are so inventive! I wonder if you can use outdoor fabric.

    You are so creative.

  4. Just out of interest, what IS the importance of keeping floor mats clean? The point of them is to stop the CAR getting dirty! With the masses of mud where I live, the fabric covers wouldn't stand a chance, although they are very pretty!

  5. Hilarious! Don't you just hate it when your mother gets in your head about something? You wish you can turn her off and ignore her, but she just keeps nagging....oh the joys of family

  6. I think they are really cute, Thrifty Crafty Girl!!! I just may do it to mine. It seems it would make the (expensive) mats stay nice and neat longer...and add a personalized girly touch! Thanks!


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