Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Finding Followers

So, you've got yourself a blog.  Awesome.  And you've got a few posts published.  The hard part is over.  And then you wait for the traffic to just... roll in.  But it doesn't roll in like you'd hoped.  You watch your followers widgets for the number to increase, only to be disappointed.  You'll start thinking that your blog isn't so great after all... you might even consider throwing in the bloggy towel.

DON'T DO IT.  I have been there and I can help.  There are lots of articles and posts online about how to get followers, with the tip of 'publish great content' being foremost among them. But your content is probably great, even if you're not getting followers.  Instead of causing yourself massive anxiety, listen to your pal Priscilla and try these tips:

1)  Follow other blogs.  Really... it's that simple.  Find blogs you like, follow them, and leave a comment telling the blogger what you love about their blog and that you're a new follower.  The blogging community is amazingly kind and more times than not, you'll get a follow in return.  You'll also get a visit to your site and maybe a return comment, which will make your little heart pitter patter.

2)  Comment on other blogs.  You might think this is the same as number 1, but it's not:  when you comment on other blogs, other commenters can see your comment.  They might just click on your profile and pay you a visit... and since your content is awesome, they might just follow you, too.

3)  Link up to parties.  I talked about this a few weeks ago.  Link up with a good picture and a descriptive caption and visitors will come.  If they like you, they might follow.

4)  Have a few following options.  GFC went away for non-Blogger blogs a couple of months ago... I keep hearing that it's going away permanently soon (which will break my little heart), so it's a good idea to not put all your bloggy eggs in one following basket.  Post links that let people follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, GFC, Linky Followers... you get the idea.  Be flexible with your following options and followers will come.

5) Connect with your readers.  If someone leaves a comment, send them a reply.  Can I tell you, I have met (online at least) the most AMAZING people?  As in, "I-think-we're-twins-separated-at-birth" people.  Send a little message to commenters and see what comes back.  You also need to utilize twitter and facebook to let your readers know you're up to something great.  If you connect with them, they're more likely to keep coming back and hit that 'follow' button.  And when you do get a follower, RETURN THE FOLLOW.  I have found so many great blogs and bloggers through my followers.  You will be so glad you did!

I'm sure there's bunches more awesome tips for getting followers, but this is what is working for me.  I love EVERY LAST ONE of my followers.  If I ever hit the lottery, I'm going to start holding a "Summit of Priscilla" every year and every one of you is invited.  I'll even fly you in on my dime.  'Cause I love you.

Thrifty Crafty Girl
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  1. Another tip is to write catchy titles. People Googling similar topics may stumble across it and be drawn into your blog! :)

  2. I agree i have the best blog friends now and the tips you gave are AWESOME!!! It helped to get involved in the hops for me I am still missing something when I past the links over but I'll get it :)) Happy Wednesday

  3. I agree! I have meet some pretty awesome people through blogging! What great tips! I would love to have you share this at my link party! This week I am hosting a giveaway too! Would love for you to enter!

  4. How 'bout flying us all in to London. Could we hold the Priscilla Summit in London? lol
    Great tips. Thanks for sharing. Guess I better do more to promote my Linky Followers. I was hoping GFC would last forever. :-((

  5. Great post! I have a linky party going that is for a good cause -
    Hope you will check it out!

  6. Another great post, Priscilla, thanks for the ideas all in one place. ~Lori

  7. Loved your helping post Priscilla! Consider linking it up to some parties out there!

  8. I'm new to the blogging world and you're right I'm constantly looking at my followers widget to see if the number has increased! haha! This is exactly the advice I needed tho! Thanks SO SO much for the good tips! =)

  9. Although my followers have stalled at 8 (with maybe 4 of them being active) - I really feel that if I were to move anywhere, I could meet anybody just from following blogs! That's a great feeling knowing that I'll be moving in the next few years.

    As far as a tip goes:
    I try to make sure I tag my blogs appropriately! I think to myself "amazing person that you are, what would you search for in Google that you would want to find this blog?" and then I tag it as such. It helps drive random googlers to my page!

  10. This is some awesome advice because I've been feeling this exact way! Thanks so much!! Love your blog!

  11. First let me say - WONDERFUL post!! and a big thank you for linking up and joining in on the babyshower linky party. Means a lot to me and will is a great cause!


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