Friday, June 29, 2012

Baked Tater Wedges. At Least I Tried.

So, this recipe didn't so much work out for me.  I found the recipe over at the Six Sisters' Stuff blog, so I have to assume I did something wrong; they are pretty awesome over there.  At any rate, here's what I did... give it a whirl if you can see where I went wrong and fix it.

Cut up about six russet potatoes into wedges.

Pour four tablespoons of vegetable oil onto a rimmed baking sheet. I lined mine with foil because I hate cleaning this thing.

In a ziploc baggie, put six tablespoons of flour, 2 tablespoons of onion powder, 2 tablespoons of garlic powder and one teaspoon of salt.  Mix it all up a bit.

Throw some of the wedges in and coat them.  Repeat until they're all done, putting them on your baking sheet when they're coated.

Bake in a 450 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Flip the wedges over and bake for another 20 minutes.

OK, they look pretty good.  But... um... they weren't.  They weren't crispy at all and they had a weird texture.  I'M SURE I DID SOMETHING WRONG HERE.  I just don't know what.

If any of you have made these, please help a girl out.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Rug from Thrifted Sheets

So, I found the project on Pinterest (insert surprise here) but I can't find it anymore.  So I searched for it but couldn't find the exact one that inspired me.  But then I realized that I didn't actually use that one, I just winged my own little project.  So, giving credit is a puzzle for me.

If you've ever made a rug out of sheets, you've inspired me.  And you can be my friend.

I went to Goodwill and bought some sheets.  You could buy regular broadcloth fabric but heading out to Goodwill will be way cheaper, trust me.

I gave all the sheets a wash in hot water because, as I've told you before, I have a pervasive fear of head lice.  For the fitted sheets, I cut around the elastic so I had one flat piece.  Once they were all flat, I used my rotary cutter to cut strips up and down, BUT NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  The idea is to make one long strip.

See? It's like a zig-zag.  In the end, I had one long strip of each sheet.

Next, I wrapped all the sheets up in balls, like yarn.

For the actual project, I didn't take pictures.  I've said before, it's impossible of me to take pictures of myself crocheting.  But here's what I did, using a size I crochet hook:

1.  Chain a row as long as you want the mat to be.
2.  Turn.  Skip the first chain and single crochet in every chain until the end of the row.
3.  End with a slip knot through the last chain and cut the fabric.
4.  Turn. Using the next sheet in your pattern, begin single crochets in every chain.  At the end of the row, chain one.
5.  Repeat steps 2 &3 until you're happy with the size of your rug.

Those are my feet.  I don't know why they look all weird, they just always have.  We all have our flaws.

This rug was easy and turned out great!  Look how pretty:

And standing on this thing? It's like a Cadillac for my feet.  I don't know why, but it is super-comfy.  I just stand on it all the time now.  The family thinks I've lost it.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Sanity Check

This past Sunday, the hubs took the kids to visit his grandparents who live a couple hours away.  I stayed home.  Alone.


I know that all of you can relate: you spend so much time with other people, at work, with the kids at home, WITH YOUR HUSBAND.  Sweet Moses, we need a break every now and then.  So on Sunday, I turned on the 'Good Witch' marathon that aired on the Hallmark Channel and didn't get out of my pajamas.  Here's a few things I enjoyed that day:

I made sausage gravy just for myself and ate it with french fries.  It was worth the cellulite.

I played Jack Johnson music and danced like an idiot in my living room.

I worked on a crochet project that I hope to share with you this week.

I folded laundry for about a minute before saying, "What am I doing? This isn't how you spend a day by yourself!"

I drank a huge cola drink that had a million shots of cherry flavor.  I bounced off the walls happily for an hour.

I sang a song to myself.  It went something like this: "NO ONE IS HERE AND I AM SO HAPPY."  Look for it soon under the Sony label.

I made a list of a billion things I want to do and told myself that I'd start working on those things on Monday because no one starts new stuff on their happy day.

I have learned, lo these many years of motherhood, that without the occasional sanity check, I get cranky-pants.  And no one likes a cranky-pants.  So for today, you need to give yourself your own sanity check.  Sing some Jack Johnson... you'll thank me later.
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Too Cute Bathroom Idea

Saw it on Pinterest.

You know, I feel like every post I read or write starts with those words.  We are all inspired by Pinterest.  Even our original projects were inspired by Pinterest.  IF PINTEREST EVER CEASES TO BE, THERE WILL BE NO NEW THINGS EVER AGAIN.

At any rate, last week was my mother's birthday.  For her birthday, she wanted me to take her to a small Amish town we have about 45 minutes from us to find a thrift store she visited a couple of months ago.  There was a piece of furniture that was there and she wanted to buy it.  We drove to the town and found a thrift store.  She said it wasn't that one.  Oh, and she didn't know where it was, so let's keep driving.

We drove around Amish country for two hours.  On a wild-goose chase.

After two hours I drove back to the thrift store and said, "WE'RE GOING IN, I DON'T CARE IF IT'S THE RIGHT ONE, I'M EXHAUSTED."  So we went in.  AND IT WAS THE RIGHT ONE.

My head exploded.

At any rate, I found an old Ball jar with a blue tint to it and fell in love.  It reminded me of that pin I found and I had to buy it for about $1.

That little votive candle holder was purchased at Goodwill for a quarter, but they have them at Michael's for $0.99.

I cleaned the old jar and stuffed cotton balls in it and then filled the candle holder with Q-Tips and set it right inside the jar.

Is that not adorable! Why, it made me want to clean the rest of the bathroom counter.  I mean, I didn't... but I wanted to.


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Monday, June 25, 2012

Apocalypse Monday - Paper Clips

Paper clips are so necessary for the apocalypse.  I mean, they're necessary anyway and when you add flesh-hungry zombies into the mix, they're ultra-necessary.  Here's why:

1.  Paper clip necklaces.  Don't pretend like you don't make these, they're awesome.  We could even use color clips like you see in the picture and only our friends would get the same color as us.  It's gonna be so elementary school up in here.

2.  Keeping your zombie documents together.  I mean, I assume you're all printing every one of these posts out so you'll be ready for the apocalypse.  Don't wait until it happens, because printers are noisy and will attract the undead.  Use your handy-dandy paper clips to keep all this information in one wind-proof stack.  And I know what you're thinking: Why wouldn't I just use staples?  DID YOU NOT HEAR WHAT I SAID ABOUT NOISE?  ZOMBIES HEAR A STAPLER AND IT'S LIKE YOU RANG THE DINNER BELL.

3.  Paper clip dominoes.  We've talked about how important it is to stave off boredom.  Create your own game of dominoes with color paper clips and let the fun wash over you.

4.  With a quick movement, your paper clip can become a weapon.  It's like a tiny little Swiss Army Knife except it will mostly just hurt you trying to bend the thing into said weapon.

5.  If you unfold the paper clip, you can pretend it's a little person.  Put on a fun puppet show, one about how everyone has been eaten by zombies, also portrayed by paper clips.

6.  If you run out of bobby pins, these work great holding your hair back.  You're just as beautiful after the zombies as you were before.  In fact, you're probably prettier since everyone else is covered in their own blood and zombie vomit.

7.  We should always try to create art with our survival items and paper clips are no exception.  Have you seen the pin on how to make the Eiffel Tower out of paper clips?  That should keep you busy for the rest of ever.

8.  Once the apocalypse happens, all of our rulers will be confiscated.  I'm not sure why, it's some sort of federal mandate.  So, the unit of measurement will become paper clips.  You'll thank me when you need to know how wide that picture frame is.

9.  If you've been invited to a zombie-free sweet sixteen party, these little clips make great earrings in a pinch.  And of course, you can fashion a bracelet and that necklace to complete the ensemble.  You'll be a fashion trendsetter.

10.  Since all your spare change will have been stolen during the first crazed days of the disaster, these paper clips will be great for scratching off all those lottery tickets that were left at the gas station when you tried to loot it.  If you win, I want a cut.

Until next time, survivors.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Pinterest Bacon

I've spotted this pin on Pinterest a billion times, the one about cooking bacon in the oven?  And I was all, "Cook it in the oven? You mean I could be cooking bacon AND doing nothing at the same time?"

I had to try it.

Turn your oven to 400 degrees and line a rimmed cookie sheet with some foil.  Ever so gently place your bacon atop the foil.  Atop.  I like that word.

 Bake it in the oven for about 12 to 15 minutes.

 Lay the bacon on a paper towel to de-grease.

This method is awesome.  My only complaint is that my cookie sheet isn't big enough to make more bacon.  'Cause if bacon's being made, we're going all the way.  And I'm eating it.  I might share some.

After it's all done, wait until the foil cools, crumble it up and throw it out.  Easy!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Personalized Snack Containers

Last week we went on vacation.  And it was super.  But getting there took a five-hour car ride.  That was not entirely super.  I knew that snacks were going to be important for the kids and did not relish the thought of lugging eight different snacks in bags just to keep the kids from screaming 'ARE WE THERE YET?' until mommy's eyes bulged out of her head.

I bought some craft organizers for a few bucks...

Added some vinyl to the front because there's nothing worse than hearing "He took my stuff" from children.

And filled them with snacks: granola bars, cereal, fruit snacks, cheese crackers...

And when every compartment was filled, we started our journey.  With full bellies.

Next time though, I'll have to make one for the hubs.  'Cause he ate my chocolate Cheerios.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Super Simple Key Frame

There is this great pin on Pinterest showing keys in a frame.  I love this.  And it's so simple, it hardly requires words, but since I'm a chatty gal, you're getting some words.

The original source is The Purple Carrot, feel free to give her a visit.  And then, find a frame you like (they're always 50% off at Hobby Lobby!) and some metal hooks.

I cut the back off with a craft knife...

Screwed in the metal hooks on the inside of the frame...

And had a frame with hooks.

Since the wall I'm putting this on was sort of the same color as the frame, I taped some scrapbook paper up where I was hanging the frame.  Then I mounted it right on top.

Look how pretty.  And with keys hanging:

We have more keys than a medieval dungeon master.  This was fun and easy!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Apocalypse Monday - Bobby Pins

Last week I got an email from a reader suggesting an item for our apocalypse stockpile: bobby pins.

This reader is a genius.  In fact, the first three uses for the bobby pins are hers entirely... there is no need to mess with perfection.  Shauna, this post is for you.

Bobby pins are inexpensive and really versatile.  And when the world smells like fear and zombie drool, you'll be happy you had these little items.  Here are a few things that will make these pins useful:

1.  Picking locks.  Did any of you see or read 'The Time Travelers Wife'?  He had to learn to pick locks so he could swipe people's clothing.  It's the same thing in this case, except we'll be looking for food and shelter from creatures of the undead.  Good movie.

2.  Bookmarks.  These little pins are perfect for holding your place in your favorite book.  And let's face it, once the zombies hit, literature is going to stop being created.  I mean, even Hemingway would have put the pen down if someone started gnawing on his leg.  So you'll have to enjoy what's already been written and with these, you won't lose your place when you have to start running again. Tie a ribbon to the end for a little flair.

3.  Holding nails in place.  Odds are, you're going to find yourself alone in this zombie world.  I mean, all those guys were slowing you down and you were right to trip all of them.  Except for that one who wasn't slow but was super annoying... you tripped him out of spite and you'll have to learn to live with yourself.  Anyhoo, when you find yourself a little secluded place in the country and decided to finally build that dream home you saw on Pinterest, you'll need to use those bobby pins to hold the nails in place.  'Cause a thumb or finger injury during the zombie apocalypse makes you zombie food.

4.  Keeping your hair looking awesome, obvs. (That's how kids abbreviate 'obviously'.  My entire life is spent trying to be cool.  Still working on it.)  Romance will still exist during the end of the world, and really, it's more important than ever.  So when that hot guy shoots that zombie who's coming straight for you, pull your hair back from your blood-stained face and pin it up.  A lady always has perfect hair and a blood-stained face.

5.  Land mines.  You've built that pinterest-inspired home in the woods and now you need to protect it.  Stick these, pointy-side up, in your front lawn.  Once a zombie attack happens, watch in amusement as the undead fall to the ground, swearing and grabbing their feet.  Priceless.

6.  I have an extended family member (who will remain anonymous) who uses bobby pins to clean their ears.  I DON'T CONDONE THIS BEHAVIOR IN NORMAL SOCIETY.  But, in a pinch during the apocalypse at least, this is a handy way to clean out the gunk in your ears.  And really, what's worse: a little eardrum puncture or muffled hearing that prevents you from hearing the groaning of the zombies?  That's what I thought.

7.  Party games.  You are the consummate hostess, even during the apocalypse.  When throwing a party, you ensure that your guest have enough rations and boiled water, as well as some entertainment thrown in for good measure.  Link up these bobby pins in a long chain.  See who can untangle them first.  This is a great game for measuring dexterity too, so you'll know who to pair up with during the next attack.

8.  Abstract art.  You are a crafty girl, just like me.  And when you need to express yourself creatively, grab a pack of these and just sculpt.  Let your creativity guide you until you have art that makes you weep.  Mostly because you used to enjoy real activities and now you're forced to entertain yourself with bobby pins.

Thanks for the idea, Shauna!  If any other survivors have suggestions, I'm all ears.  We need to stick together during times like these.

Until next time survivors,

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Fun Party - The Dells Won't Know What Hit 'Em

I just got back from vacation.  Let me rephrase that: I just got back on the first vacation I've ever taken with my children.  I have friends who take vacations every year and I sit in my kiddie pool, jealous of their lives.  This year, we got our own vacation.

We booked it in January so we got an amazing deal.  Here's where we stayed:

It's in the Wisconsin Dells and it was awesome.  It has theme parks next to it that are included in the hotel stay.  Which was great, because the admission to the park was a wee bit pricey... then again, I'm a cheapskate.

 The kids loved this vacation.  My feet are hurting.  They called me old.  I called them grounded.

There was an indoor water park and an indoor theme park.  Even though we spent tons of time in these indoor locales, I still got sunburned.

 They had Skee-Ball in the arcade... in the lobby of the hotel.  Many dollars were wasted here.

 The indoor water park... there were also water slides.  They were eight shades of awesome.

 The family rode the indoor roller coaster.  It too was awesome.

 Ice cream.  A mountain of it, in fact.  Yums.

My sister took this picture.  In subsequent pictures, she got spectacular shots of my back fat.  I hate her.

This was a tidal pool that tossed me like a rag doll.  My oldest son and I pinky-promised to never do this again.

For some reason, the Wisconsin Dells area is obsessed with putting animals on top of cars.  We saw lots of them... my husband decided to take offense at this for some reason, but he still stood for the photo.

Oh, and just to be clear: Nobody has paid me for this post.  I assume that the whole area is owned by a man named "Wisconsin Del"... if I'm right, he is welcome to pay for a return trip every year.  Feel free to contact me.

I hope your summer vacation was as fun as ours was!  Now, on to mountains and mountains of laundry...

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