Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fabric-Covered Roller Shade DIY

I found this pin on Pinterest for a fabric-covered roller shade. This was just what I needed.

I'm not sure why, but regular ol' blinds just don't hold up over time. Even the ones that aren't within reach of little hands only seem to last a short while.  Obnoxious.  So when I decided to replace some of them, I remembered the DIY I saw on Pinterest and ran off to Lowe's.  They cut the roller shades for you.  'Cause they're super.  Don't forget to buy the hardware to install it, it's less than a dollar and very necessary!

This size shade was under $8.  Love.

I brought the shade home and grabbed some fabric I had left over from a customer's order.  I have customers.  I can hardly believe it myself.  I ironed the fabric out and gave it a rough measure on my kitchen table.

I ironed a crease on one side and folded it over the shade.

Working carefully, I used some spray adhesive and attached the fabric to the roller shade.  This doesn't need to be permanent, I just needed it to stay in place for the next step.

Once the spray adhesive was on, I slowly smoothed out the fabric onto the shade.

I folded the other side around the shade like I did with the first edge.  And then, I ran it through the sewing machine.

Nothing special, just a straight line.  There are lots of tutorials for doing this without sewing but I got scared.  'Cause I'm a fraidy-cat.

I did the sides first and then pinned the bottom of the fabric up so I could sew that, too.

I trimmed up the fabric once the sewing was all done.

After that, I had the hubs install the hardware.  I'll admit, I'm confused by how it actually works.  Here's the instructions it came with:

It's basically hieroglyphics.  We're still working out the kinks, but it looks great up in the window!

I'm definitely going to do this on other windows!

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  1. Looks fantastic! I always wondered if the extra fabric layer interfered with the rolling ability. Does it roll ok now?

  2. That's super, and I would have sewn it too. It just makes a more secure bind, I think. Love this! I may try it myself. I can think of a few places I'd like to have a fabric shade like this. NICE work!

  3. Looks great! I might need some of these in the light-blocking variety for my little girls' rooms instead of making light-blocking curtains!

  4. Looks great. I love the fabric and that you sewed the edges. Looks store bought.

  5. This is brilliant. I love the it! AND, who knew you had customers. I am impressed :)

  6. Each new post you publish is another nice surprise to me! I just love the outcome of your project once again! And I was wondering... are you interested in guest posting at my blog Stardust? I host a guest blogger every Friday, so shoot me an email if you like the idea to schedule a date!
    Love, Olga
    P.S.: your faithful fan!

  7. Hello, A friend used your blog to make these, and recommended it to me. I am making these for my "guest" room and was curious about two things, 1) How did you do the bottom where you insert the stick, and 2) Does your shade come all the way to the edges of your window or are there tiny gaps on each side?

    Thank you for your blog (the shades I am doing look great!!) and for your help with my questions!


  8. I have done this today but when I tried to roll it the original blind all bunched up!Why is that?

  9. Hi

    I love this and tried it today but when I tried to roll it the original blind started to bunch up.Any idea why that happened?

  10. I have done this today but when I tried to roll it the original blind all bunched up!Why is that?

  11. I followed your tutorial, great idea but it didn't really work for me as I used a white fabric with a pretty flower pattern. The spray adhesive shows throught the fabric so I can't use it...I am going to buy some darker fabric to try again as it is a great idea I just wanted to comment so others don't make the same mistake. Thanks :)

  12. Wow, Thank you soooo much for your tutorial! I hate plain vinyl shades and made to order cloth shades are so expensive. I am going to give this a try for my kitchen and laundry room area. I live in a 1940's house and can hardly wait to make some cute window treatments! :)

  13. Love your tutorial. I have a 1940's house and need to redo kitchen and laundry room window coverings. I hate vinyl shades and love your idea to use them for custom cloth shades. Super cute and save $$$ Genius! Can hardly wait to try this. :)

  14. A lovely job! Could I possibly hire you to make 4 of these for me?


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