Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Simple Crochet Scarf

Summer vacation is here!  At least, it is for our family... and with summer vacation, there's a lot of time spent with the kids outside.  'Cept I can't do anything they do.  They're boys and all they want to do is slip 'n slide or fight with sticks.  A girl could get hurt trying to keep up with two boys.  In an effort to be with them for their fun but not garner bruises all over my body, I like to bring a little project out with me.  This one is perfect for noisy afternoons in the sun!

I can't show you the steps because, as I've mentioned before, I cannot crochet and take pictures at the same time.  But it's pretty simple: if you've crocheted anything before, you can probably make this.  I found it on Pinterest, which makes another project I can move to my "Pinned It, Did It" board.

It's not a great picture.  I know you'll forgive me though, because you're super and awesome and wonderful.  And I have a muffin-top.  It's horrible and sad.

Try this project (here's the original source), it's quick and pretty easy!  If you do, shoot me an email and let me know how it turned out!

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  1. That is so cute! I am not a crocheting person but I think I will request that my mother make me one.

  2. I love the texture and color looks good and so do you!

  3. I simply adore you and your posts. They almost make me laugh. The scarf is perfection. I hope your boys don't use it to tie you up, and while in your vulnerable state, send you down the slip n slide or poke you with sticks :)

  4. Oh, yes, this picture. I love how you photographed this scarf btw. Anyway I am commenting here after I commented on the "mean" post and on the "support" post. A little out of order, but you are smart enough to figure me out. **grins**


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