Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Too Cute Bathroom Idea

Saw it on Pinterest.

You know, I feel like every post I read or write starts with those words.  We are all inspired by Pinterest.  Even our original projects were inspired by Pinterest.  IF PINTEREST EVER CEASES TO BE, THERE WILL BE NO NEW THINGS EVER AGAIN.

At any rate, last week was my mother's birthday.  For her birthday, she wanted me to take her to a small Amish town we have about 45 minutes from us to find a thrift store she visited a couple of months ago.  There was a piece of furniture that was there and she wanted to buy it.  We drove to the town and found a thrift store.  She said it wasn't that one.  Oh, and she didn't know where it was, so let's keep driving.

We drove around Amish country for two hours.  On a wild-goose chase.

After two hours I drove back to the thrift store and said, "WE'RE GOING IN, I DON'T CARE IF IT'S THE RIGHT ONE, I'M EXHAUSTED."  So we went in.  AND IT WAS THE RIGHT ONE.

My head exploded.

At any rate, I found an old Ball jar with a blue tint to it and fell in love.  It reminded me of that pin I found and I had to buy it for about $1.

That little votive candle holder was purchased at Goodwill for a quarter, but they have them at Michael's for $0.99.

I cleaned the old jar and stuffed cotton balls in it and then filled the candle holder with Q-Tips and set it right inside the jar.

Is that not adorable! Why, it made me want to clean the rest of the bathroom counter.  I mean, I didn't... but I wanted to.


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  1. That is a super cute idea! I may actually have to try that one because our bathrooms have teeeeennny tiiiinny little counters and no storage whatsoever. And I HATE digging under the sink for cotton and q-tips! Now can you please send an Amish community to my area so I can go find really cool things like this jar? M-Kay?

    Also, what piece of furniture did you moms buy?

  2. How funny! I love that you drove your mom around for 2 hours trying to find 'the' right antique store. I love your find but am dying to find out, did your mom buy her 'piece of furniture' or will it require a 3rd trip...and if so, did you leave a trail of bread crumbs so she could find her way back :)

    LOVE the blue jar and how you have it displayed in your bathroom.

  3. Oh man, if Pinterest went away I'd be so sad! But at least for now I'd have about a bajillion pins that I haven't gotten around to actually doing anything about to keep me busy.

    I love that jar, the blue tint is perfect! And it's so smart to have the q-tips in the little votive holder, I love it!

    My bathroom Pinterest-inspired project that I have all the materials for but haven't gotten around to yet is the three little mason jars for storing cotton balls, q-tips, and some third as-of-yet-undecided thing that are attached with pipe clamps to a piece of wood and hung on the wall. I will make it eventually, I swear!

  4. And when the apocalypse happens, you can fill it with bobby pins and paper clips instead!!! Win win!! :<}

  5. Did you think of this neat idea while you were driving around aimlessly looking for the "right" store? I continue to be amazed by you.


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