Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Sanity Check

This past Sunday, the hubs took the kids to visit his grandparents who live a couple hours away.  I stayed home.  Alone.


I know that all of you can relate: you spend so much time with other people, at work, with the kids at home, WITH YOUR HUSBAND.  Sweet Moses, we need a break every now and then.  So on Sunday, I turned on the 'Good Witch' marathon that aired on the Hallmark Channel and didn't get out of my pajamas.  Here's a few things I enjoyed that day:

I made sausage gravy just for myself and ate it with french fries.  It was worth the cellulite.

I played Jack Johnson music and danced like an idiot in my living room.

I worked on a crochet project that I hope to share with you this week.

I folded laundry for about a minute before saying, "What am I doing? This isn't how you spend a day by yourself!"

I drank a huge cola drink that had a million shots of cherry flavor.  I bounced off the walls happily for an hour.

I sang a song to myself.  It went something like this: "NO ONE IS HERE AND I AM SO HAPPY."  Look for it soon under the Sony label.

I made a list of a billion things I want to do and told myself that I'd start working on those things on Monday because no one starts new stuff on their happy day.

I have learned, lo these many years of motherhood, that without the occasional sanity check, I get cranky-pants.  And no one likes a cranky-pants.  So for today, you need to give yourself your own sanity check.  Sing some Jack Johnson... you'll thank me later.
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  1. Sounds fantastic! Yep, we need to have that day to ourselves. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. That sounds FANTASTIC!! I had the entire weekend with my husband and daughter out of town. I was so excited to have the house to myself and just do nothing...however, the wonderful loving people in my life (family and friends) were afraid I would be lonely, so I only had about 6 hours out of the 3 days that I didn't have someone "dropping in to see how I was" (translation: no one else is here so they can come and swim in the pool). I am exhausted from my free weekend. :-(


  3. Your day sounded heavenly...besides for the bit about folding laundry, even if it was for only a second. I hope the husband fared so well with his hands on day.

  4. My kids are grown and gone, I'm retired, and I love my husband. But I sure would like a weekend all. to. myself!

  5. That sounds wonderful! I had a few hours to myself a few days ago and I was in heaven...well with the dogs. Sometimes they can be just as needy but thankfully they left me alone. :)


  6. Omigosh I love me some Jack Johnson. The hubbs isn't really down with Mr. Johnson so I crank up the Pandora when he's away and dance ridiculously with my little ones. They think I'm so cool. Oh they'll figure it out soon enough. Jack can be rather hard to dance to so props there m'lady. I feel like I'm doing a blind interpretive dance mostly.....And yes I do believe I am stalking you or trying to get your stats up. ;) Have a great weekend!



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