Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Side Table Redo

So, remember when I told you about how my mother dragged me all over Amish country to find a thrift store?  Yeah... still a little bitter about that.  Anyhoo, I did find a little something at that thrift store, something that made my husband question my commitment to de-cluttering.

I'm calling it a 'side table'.  I'm sure that all you real decorators know it by some fancy-pants name but unfortunately, my fancy pants are at the cleaners.  I set the husband to work stripping no less than four coats of paint off this bad boy...

He says there's something satisfying about stripping all that old paint off.  I thought it looked really gross.

Doesn't it look like a giant blew his nose all over this paper?  Ugh.

After the hubs stripped it and sanded it for about a million years, I painted the legs white and stained the top with a walnut... the hubs finished it up with a polyurethane coat and IT WAS DONE.  It probably seemed like it took longer than it actually did because it's been SO HOT HERE I CAN'T STAND IT.  At any rate, it's done.

I love it!

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  1. Lovely, wish I had the energy you have. :)

  2. The table is gorgeous, great job!!

  3. Your new side table looks fantastic. It looks very expensice. well done.

  4. Wow, it looks great. Very impressive. Aren't you glad you went to that thrift store?

  5. That is a beautiful transformation. And, I love that you had your husband do some of the work...even better! I love the white mixed with the stained top. Really well done!

    Stay cool and happy 4th.

    And, the *stay cool* reference reminds me of signing 8th grade years books. Have a great summer and stay cool :)

  6. Love it too! Good job done from your hands once again!

  7. Wow. It's beautiful! Nice work. Jealous that your hubby helps. Mr. L2D will only use power tools if I ask really nice.

  8. Wow!! It looks really nice. I love how it turned out.


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