Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travel Toothbrush Bundle

I've seen these at a few blogs and even on Etsy... so if you don't want to make these, give some business to a seller over there because these are so cute!  If you're up for the ten-minute challenge however, read on.

I got a couple of washcloths from Walmart... nice and inexpensive, but cute colors that the kids picked out themselves.

I folded up the bottoms and pinned the sides, like so:

On one of the sides, I pinned a length of ribbon in, folded in half.

I broke out the ol' sewing machine and sewed up the sides...

And then I sewed in the middle too, to make little pockets.  I did three pockets, but you could make two or four... pick your favorite number.

Ahem.  That was the project.  It took just about as long as reading this post took... and what did I make, you ask?

It's for the kids toothbrushes... it rolls up so you can take it places.

ADORABLE.  And simple.  The kids use them to hold their toothbrush stuff everyday, not just when we're jetting off to another exotic location, like Des Moines.

We've never been to Des Moines.  Too fancy for us. :)

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  1. Great minds, my friend, great minds. I just did something similar but haven't posted it yet :). Love your version!

  2. Such a great idea!! I need to make one of these here soon for an upcoming vacation!!

  3. ooooh I pinned this one a few weeks ago and i just haven't been able to get out and get the cloths to get this done! I need to do this today though, I leave town Saturday for my vacation!

  4. Awesome, perfect for the kids, and just throw it in the wash. You travel like I do....never!

  5. How cute and what a quick project. I should have made some of these to have on our trip we make earlier this week. Oh well, maybe will make them for the next trip.

  6. I could of used 2 of these while on my 4 day camping trip with my husband. They're awesome!


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