Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Husbands

I am married.  And if you're married too, you have learned a lot about husbands.  Here's what I've learned... I'd love to know what you've learned.

1) They can be big jerk-faces.

2) They are usually completely clueless about when they're being a jerk-face.

3) They get a splinter and it's like they've suffered a gunshot wound.

4) They tend to break more stuff than they fix.

5) They expect a parade for remembering to put down the toilet seat.

6) They are baffled by the mystery of how to replace the roll of toilet paper.

7) Until the kids are at least five, their father skills consist mostly of being a jungle gym.

8) They constantly try to pick things up off the floor using only their toes.

9) They are mostly unaware of when they've said something insensitive.

10) I have a pretty good one and I still feel like I deserve an award for staying married.

Wives of the world, you are not alone.

Thrifty Crafty Girl
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  1. Oh Thrifty Crafty Girl! I feel your pain on the old married bit. :) I too have found that even after almost 7 years of marriage my husband still has no clue about when I am upset with him or even why. But I do know he still can't believe I agreed to marry him...still a puzzle to him and one he greatly appreciates.

  2. What a wonderful way to start my morning. Thank you!

  3. Bahahahahaha! So funny, I love it...most of these are true too!

  4. hahaha - Nailed these, of course. As my BFF always said, "Can't live with them, can't live without them".

  5. ha ha! Marriage is hard work but so worth it in the end.


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