Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Recognition

Recognition.  I think that, at least on some level, all bloggers want it.  I'm not going to tell you how to get it, because I don't really know.  But I will tell you that not getting it should not make you throw in the blogging towel.

So, you made this amazing project/recipe/post that was filled with so much of your blood, sweat and tears, you now consider it like one of your children.  The post is ready.  You hit 'Publish'... and then...

Nothing happens.

So you wait a bit.

Still, nothing.

HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?  How is it that the thing you've poured your heart and soul into could be completely ignored by the world?  I mean, don't they see how awesome this thing is?

OK, it's time to breathe.  Your old pal Prissy here is going to talk you through this, step by step.

First, your project was awesome.  The time you spent on it is obvious given the final result.  And if you love it, it wasn't a waste of time at all.

Second, people have noticed it.  For realsies.  They just might not have commented on it.  (This could be because you have the blogger captcha on, some people have a moral opposition to that.)   As a blogger, I totally get that comments are like sunshine for your soul.  And if you don't get those, you feel like no one cares.

I totally care.

Third, let's talk about the happy crap.  Yes, I said 'crap'.  Here's what the sweet bloggers out there would tell you: If you are happy with your blog, who cares what anyone else thinks!

You care.  I know you do.  Because I care, too.

Here's the thing: You have to keep going.  The internet is a funny place... I have posts that I thought would be amazing show-stoppers that barely registered while other silly little projects that took no time at all get a billion page views and a million comments.

You just never can tell.

Don't quit.  Comment on blogs and people will visit your awesome stuff.  Promise.

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  1. This is so true! I think I spend as much if not more time commenting on blogs as I do posting my own. I have made some wonderful blog friends and I get as much enjoyment from them and their emails and projects as I do making and posting my own crafts. I don't know exactly when that tide turned, but it did and I'm glad. You are so right about the blog world....I am amazed at some of my simplest posts that get comments and then some of the ones that I'm sure are great have gotten so few. Blogland is a strange world....but fun!

  2. Commenting is more than half the fun. It's how you get to know people, the commenting and responses you get. But I do hate word verification. I've been without it for a long time and rarely have a problem (except probably for now that I've written this). :-) The new word verification is worse than ever.

  3. Blogland is definitely a strange place. Well said. Commenting definitely helps! There has been a lot going on and I haven't been on here as much as I once was and I can feel it, but I haven't given up. I just need some "more time." Thanks for sharing!

  4. So true - thank you for that encouraging post!

  5. This made me laugh as your blog always does. I always read but rarely comment. Today I will comment, in the future I may not, but please know that I, along with many others, are out here smiling.

    If you crochet a zombie I promise I will comment. :-)

  6. What a great and encouraging post. I love that you are a great big cheerleader for all of blogland {not meaning that you, yourself are great big :) }. I've had those days, I am sure I'll have more but like you said, don't give up. Love it!

  7. It's a funny place isn't it? There's no rhyme or reason to any of it. I constantly have to remind my self of that and as you said, if I'm happy with the project or the post, that's really the main thing. Thanks for the reminder~

  8. You're absolutely right Priscy! I've come to this point of "maybe I should quit blogging" but I didn't! And you know why? Because I like to have those little conversations with other bloggers under that "comments" section! And I like showing off whatever interesting I've found in blogland, or my own projects from time to time.

  9. I would add that a lot of blog readers view their chosen blogs in Google Reader, etc, so they have to take the time to actually visit the blog to comment. Not a good excuse for us readers, but a point worth mentioning.

    I probably comment on this blog more than any of the others I read. I love them, and don't hesitate to voice my opinion, agreement, encouragement, etc, but I don't have time to visit every single blog in my list. :<}

  10. This is so true and very encouraging! I am definitely guilty of that feeling where nobody is paying me any attention but then I remember that being "noticed" isn't the most important part. Someone will care one day ;-)

  11. Great up lifting words!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  12. Look at you Ms. dot com. Congratulations!!!

  13. I feel like no one is watching sometimes. Some posts don't get a lot of comments but I see it pinned many times on Pinterest. I guess that is attention is better than none right?

  14. Great post! Well yours are all great but this one hit home. I haven't been online much so I'm catching up on your posts...again. Keep at it girl!


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