Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodwill Mirror Transformation

I love calling things a 'transformation'.  It makes it sound a lot more involved that what it really was: A new coat of paint.

I like to dress up my project titles.

So, a few weeks ago, I found this great mirror at Goodwill.  I posted about it on my Mission of Goodwill post for the week.  It was less than $5 and IT WAS HUGE.  At that price, I had to have it.

I'm the girl with the Puma sneakers.  I know you're totally jelly of my worn-out shoes.

I taped off the mirror and got to work.

I gave the whole thing a quick sanding since it looked like it was more than a few years old.  After that, I added a little ornament.

I spent hours trying to figure out what these things were actually called.  No need to google it, they're called ornaments.  They might be called 'maple' ornaments or some other wood variation, but they're ornaments and you find them near the dowels in the home improvement store.

I fixed it to the top with some Gorilla brand wood glue and let it set.  Then I gave it a few coats of white paint.

It took three coats to get a good cover over this bad boy... and then, I pulled out the glaze.

So, I've never actually used glaze before.  I mean, I've seen it done by other bloggers, so that sort of makes me an expert, right?  That's how I sleep at night.

I took a damp rag and dipped it in the glaze and then smeared it onto the mirror.

There are various methods to glazing... some put it on thicker than others.  For this, I just wanted it a little scuffed up, so a little bit was just fine.  I went around the whole mirror like that and then took a clean damp rag and wiped it down gently.  If I took too much off, I just re-applied and tried again.  This glaze was pretty darn forgiving.  I love the way it looks on the ornament.

And then, once I was happy, I let it dry and pulled the tape off.  I love the results.

And the ornament really adds a little something...

I'm extremely happy with my $5 mirror.  The glaze was just under $10 but I used so little of it... I'll have lots of glazing projects in the future.

You've gotta love the glazing/distressing stuff: We take something old, make it look new again, and then make it look old again.  We are a strange breed.
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  1. Your mirror is gorgeous! 1. I love that you use the term jelly (In my own world only my sister says that lol). 2. I just bought that antiquing glaze the other day to try out on a piece of furniture. I'm glad to see it worked beautifully for you. :) Megan

  2. I agree with Megan - that mirror is GORGEOUS! You did a great job! What an awesome find for you!

  3. Your mirror looks awesome, the ornament really does give it that something, something.

  4. Gorgeous! I even like the little bit of distressing with the glaze. The before and after are great, love to see the change.

  5. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the coolest crafter of all? YOU! I love the makeover you gave this mirror. It looks absolutely beautiful after you got your hands on it.

  6. Oooh! I'm so glad you wrote a post about this - I couldn't wait to see the pics when you told me you were working on it. It looks great! I love the glaze in the ornament - looks amazing!!

  7. I love it! I also love our strange breed!!! I really need to try this glaze! I think about it and chicken out. You are right though, we've read enough about it blog land that we are experts! he he he! Transformation is awesome!!!

  8. Glad I found your blog, my kind of crafter go for it and if you mess up a little fix it, we would never learn to do a new craft if we stayed within the walls of "I already do that" I have been doing shabby chic before shabby chic love to find odd pieces of what ever and give it new life, but the new life is elevated from ordinary to classy,lol


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