Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greeting Card Binder

Every year, I buy greeting cards when they're free or cheap and then I hold on to them until birthdays come up.  Great plan, right? Yeah...

March was my sisters birthday.  I got her a card and then lost it among crafting rubble.  I found it in April.  NO MORE.  I bought a binder and have started a little system so I won't ever lose another pre-purchased birthday card again.

Along with a cute binder from Target (they have the cutest binders at Target) I got some sheet protectors.  And then, I started sewing.

Yes, sewing.

I wanted pockets for the sheet protectors, so I sewed a line through them.

That's where I marked the line. I sewed through it with a basic straight stitch and then I used an exacto knife to cut below the stitch through the front side of the sheet, making a pocket.  Once I did that for several sheets, I made a little printout to use for my top pocket.

I printed enough for every month of the year.  I think it's 12.  Go ahead and fact-check it.

On every printout, I wrote whose birthday was when.  I also have a little column for gifts if I need to send one.

I put the list in the top pocket and cards in the bottom pocket.  Easy-peasy.  I put scrapbook paper in the bottom pocket too, just to make it pretty.

So now, I have all my pre-purchased greeting cards in one place and I haven't lost one since.  I ROCK.  And look at the pretty binder:

I added this one to my other binders... well, some of them.  I won't tell you how many binders I actually have, lest you think I'm obsessed with them.

Spoiler alert: I am obsessed with them.

I need to make a little tag for the greeting card one, but aren't they pretty? I have my recipe binder, my idea binder, my home binder... there's lots more binders but I couldn't fit them all in the picture.  I need a wider lens for my camera. :)
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  1. Losing that card my have driven you nuts. I know what a budgeter you are. I hope it didn't throw your budget too far off having to buy another card. I'd love to see what's in the idea binder of yours...but part of me fears, I couldn't quite handle it :)

    And, my birthday is 12/12, feel free to add it to your list.

  2. I think you need a vacation somewhere exotic like Boise, ID. When you get here, I have a house you could do amazing things with. It would fill your blog for a year. Ok, why lie, a decade. Oh the things you could do. Let me know when your plane gets in and I'll pick you up at the airport!

  3. I love your binders!!!! I've often wondered how well the sheet protectors held up to sewing, thanks for sharing that. Have a great week!

  4. Excellent! I love the binders - especially the bright colors. Plus I have a thing for binders, too. They make me happy.

  5. Brilliant Idea. You should market them. I'm putting this on my list of things to make... hopefully I get to it before Christmas. Hey, maybe I'll make them for my SILs for Christmas!


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