Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mission of Goodwill - Week #5

Today's post is later than usual, mostly because I was up to my eyeballs in Halloween projects today.  And if I can say so, THEY ARE SUPER.

So my Goodwill find this week was this little frame, ready to be rehabbed for the upcoming gallery wall.  Here's a picture:

Now, there's always a risk with these sorts of things at Goodwill.  I'm always concerned that I'll pick up some little item that is actually a priceless antique that would have supported my crafting for a thousand years, and I just painted over it and put some vinyl on it.  I've decided that I'd rather not know if I've destroyed a national treasure.

So readers, if you recognize this little picture as being some sort of long-lost artifact, don't tell me.  It's better this way.
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  1. Halloween projects...I am impressed. Will your family be trick or treating as the cast of Golden Girls?

    Oh, and I love the frame.

  2. So funny you mentioned that. I actually picked up a large frame at my thrift store with a picture inside (think pastel beach scene from a hotel room) for $14. When I went to remove the picture, I discovered it was signed and numbered. After a google search I discovered it was a signed lithiograph by a californian artist that sells for about $150-- unframed. All I wanted was the frame!! I gave the picture frame and all to my mom 'cuz she like it and I couldn't bear to throw it away. Now I have to find another frame. ;)

  3. This is a nice looking frame, great pick! I have my list and supplies, I'm actually going to do a lot for Halloween this year!

  4. I"m looking forward to seeing what this one looks like when you are done. I might be showing how weird I am but I think it is looking at me, all those little pairs of eyes. I too have a gallery wall of frames from the 'will I intend to share soon.

  5. I'm starting a gallery/photo wall too. The search for frames is on!!!


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