Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mod Podge Pictures

Oh man, this project could become a new addiction.  So simple and so cute, before you know it, you're mod podging everything.

I found some of these little wooden plaques at Michael's for a ridiculously good price.  So I bought two of them.

I painted the outsides white...

And then found a couple of pictures I liked.  I cut them to a good size and mod podged them on top.  If you cut out the drying time, this project took like, 45 seconds.  LOVE IT.

They went up in the boy's room.  I love them so much, I'm heading to Michael's this week to buy some more wood plaques.  I'm hooked.
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  1. Great use of wooden plaques. I hear a lot about modge podge ... need to find it over here

  2. Love a good, quick, simple project and this one fits the bill! Adorable pictures too!

  3. Looks easy enough for even me. I love the pictures!

  4. Let me know when to arrange the modge podge intervention :) Though, with a project as cute as this, I don't think we need one!

  5. I agree- cute pics. I always lay the plaques flat on the tile floor before I buy them to make sure they aren't warped. Hate to go through the effort of making it cute only to find it doesn't lay flat against the wall when hung!

  6. Adorable! Easy! Thanks for the tip love2dream. Have you ever tried using home-made Modge Podge? AKA white glue and water? That's all I've ever used so I can Compare. ????

  7. Love it! Now I wanna make a gallery wall using that technique!

  8. CUTE!! Keep your eyes open for similar things at the thrift store. If you are painting it...you know how it goes! Great project!!


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