Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Domain Names

You might not have noticed, but my domain name changed.  I bought the name  I feel so professional right now... even though I'm still all weird and stuff.

So, I had been thinking about doing this for a while, but never really put much research into it.  And believe me, before I do ANYTHING, I've researched it a billion times.  But then one morning, I read a blog post about how you should buy your domain name early, because if your blog turns out to be successful, someone might buy it out from under you and then you'll have to pay them extra to get it.

I decided I needed to hop on it.  Probably should have spent a bit more time thinking it out, but whatevs.

I went to and searched for the domain name I wanted... it was available, hooray!  And it was something like $12 for a year.  After a quick google search for 'go daddy coupon codes', the price went down to $10.  I bought it.  And then I panicked.

See, I hadn't thought about how to actually implement it.  I mean, I bought the name, what do I do now?  Go Daddy had some instructions and I followed them.  And it seemed to work OK... and then I freaked out.  I became convinced that my entire blog had somehow disappeared from cyberspace, even though I was able to get on it just fine.  I sent a panicky email to Amy from While Wearing Heels (love her) and forced her to check my site and make sure it hadn't gone bye-bye.

It was still there.  GIANT SIGH OF RELIEF.

So, I spent about $10 and got a good 45 minutes of sheer panic before thinking, 'hey, I have my own domain name... sweet.'

Have you guys thought about buying your domain name?

FYI: Not a sponsored post for they were the only place I knew to buy a domain name from.  I remembered them from their Superbowl commercial.  So, see?  Those millions of advertising dollars for that 30-second commercial have finally paid off for those guys. :)

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  1. I bought mine after about 3 weeks of blogging and it makes life so much easier! I used the same company as you and it's well worth the money! Had it almost 6 months and not a problem :)

  2. Great advice. I would be worried that my whole cyberlife would disappear too - glad it didn't! Thanks!

  3. I hadn't thought of it before you mentioned it. And, I am impressed you took away any content from the Go Daddy ads, I was always left wondering what exactly they did. Glad you are still around cyberspace Ms. Dot Com :)

  4. OK - I was inspired by you and did the same thing! Thank you!!!

  5. The .com version of my name was already purchased somehow, and it doesn't even go anywhere. There's no site built at Someone just bought it and is holding on to it. Probably hoping somebody someday would want to buy it. But I didn't, I just went with .net instead!

  6. I have a question.... I bought my domain right when I started my blog. My husband does web design on the side and really encouraged me to do that. But, i still javen't switched it over. I was thinking that to have your own .com, you also had to self-host your blog. Are you self-hosting or does Blogger still host it for you?

  7. I did mine after House Talkin put out a video tutorial. Surprising easy! Yes I was afraid that I would disappear into never never land but I did not. (disappear that is) I did mine through google/blogger. Best 10 bucks I ever spent.


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