Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Finding Balance

My blogging friend Patricia over at Grammy Goodwill is throwing in the blogging towel.  She started blogging to see if she could do it, as well as share some fun things, and now she's struggling to find balance between blogging and life.  I'm going to miss her bunches.

It got me thinking about 'balance'.  Aren't we always seeking balance? Balancing our work with our families, our families with our hobbies, our hobbies with our time, our time with our money.

I am exhausted from all this balancing.

So how do we bloggers find that balance?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  As I sit here typing about balance, I have laundry that needs folding.  And children who are refusing to lie quietly in bed even though it's clearly bedtime.  And no less than seven projects currently in stages of completion.  And meals to plan.  And coupons to clip.  And a budget to plug numbers into.  And a checkbook to balance.

Yeah... I haven't figured out that balance.  You will find no inspiration here.

So, what's the secret?  I'm sure that there are bloggers who have it all together.  I mean, I think about Martha Stewart and can't imagine that she might have smudged windows or unwashed floors... then again, she has people to do it all for her.

THAT'S IT! WE NEED SERVANTS!  Oh man, I'm so happy I figured that out.  So there you have it: to find balance, just find lots of people to do all sorts of stuff for you.  I'll get right on that. :)
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  1. Love it. It's so true. I've found that I need a schedule, so that I make sure to make time for all things I want to do. For example, I teach on Mondays and Wednesdays, so those nights are nights I'm not doing any class planning and can work on my blog. It's hard to find balance, though. There are days when I think I might go crazy. Having a staff would definitely help!

  2. You're so right. I had begun to wear myself thin trying to blog every night, plus keep up with a full-time job and work on projects. I've since settled for blogging once a week, preferably on Monday's, and visit 2-3 bloggers a day. It's not much, but my life is much more balanced. When I feel I'm stretching myself thin, I re-evaluate. Now, if I had a maid, and won the lottery....

  3. I'll still be around, Priscilla. I have to keep up with your zombie prevention posts! Monday, I cleaned three cabinets. Yesterday, I read 3 books. Today I spent all day with my parents and never looked at my watch. (Not even three times. hehehe)

  4. The next time my hubby comments about me not finding balance with the responsibility of blogging, I'll be sure to refer him to this post...proof we need to add that addition to our house for the "help".

  5. Great post! I'm sure were all in the same boat! Isn't the laundry never ending and chores in general are always there. I've learned that it can all wait, if it means I can have some personal time to do things I enjoy. By all means, my house is clean but its not spotless. I have kids who have toys who like to take things out and not put them back and who still need my attention. But its my life and I enjoy it. =)


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