Monday, September 3, 2012

Apocalypse Monday - Nails

I know you're all enjoying your Labor Day right now, but I still need to post your weekly zombie-preparedness guide.  And today is especially important, because what if the zombies were just waiting for a holiday to start the invasion?  You know, because everyone's all distracted with the beer and barbecue.

Today's must-have item: Nails.

So, nails are always handy to have around, what with their ability to hang pictures and all... but there's more they can be used for.  Let's begin:

1.  Do you remember the string art I made?  Do the same thing, but instead of someone's name, you could write 'STAY OUT ZOMBIES' or something like that.  Of course, the zombies can't read... but whatevs.

2.  We talked about how toothpicks could be used like little pointy land mines in the yard to ward off the zombies or nosy neighbors?  Same goes for nails... and with nails, they're way more sturdy and shouldn't break under a callused zombie foot.

3.  Our husbands are going to be bored during the apocalypse... what with the women having the wherewithal to kill the undead, they are feeling a bit useless.  Let's give them a project! Let them build a doghouse or a bookshelf to kill those lonely hours.  You'll be able to find some blueprints on Pinterest WHICH WILL STILL EXIST DURING THE APOCALYPSE.  IT JUST HAS TO.

4.  I have found that, in a pinch, you can use nails instead of popsicle sticks to build little log cabins.  When times get tough, we need to be resourceful.

5.  Nail guns will be weapons against the undead when it all goes down... save your nails for ammo and let those zombies have it.

6.  Nails will be great for booby traps.  Poke a nail through some sandpaper or shingles and place them, pokey-nail side up, around your neighborhood perimeter.  You'll be protected from zombies and people in caravans.

7.  When the toothpicks run out, you can use the nails for the hors d'oeuvres.  CAN YOU BELIEVE I SPELLED THAT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME? I RULE.

There's a few more things we could use nails for, but it's Labor Day... which means I don't labor.

Until next time survivors,
Thrifty Crafty Girl
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