Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Polarizing Topics

You might not know it from this blog, but I'm extremely passionate about politics.  I lean more towards one political party than another, like most people in this country.  Which political party?

I won't tell.  Not on this blog at least.

To know me in real life is to hear hours of political talk about various issues.  And this girl gets pretty darn passionate... but this blog isn't political.  And the risk that we take by making it political is that we might lose readers.  And I loves my readers... So I don't tell them my political affiliations and they don't ask.  It's win-win.

Now, if I was writing a political blog, I would be more than happy to let my political flag fly... I mean, that's what you expect from a political blog.  But this blog?  We'll stick to the glue guns, fabric scraps and zombie preparations, thank you very much.

In an effort to keep all of you from alienating readers, here's a list of topics we probably shouldn't cover, besides politics:

1.  Over/Underhand toilet paper roll placement.
2.  Whether pizza toppings should go on top of the cheese or underneath it.
3.  If the McRib is really all that great.
4.  Whether it's appropriate to wear socks to bed.
5.  Playstation vs. Xbox
6.  Glitter vs. Sequins
7.  Generic crafting supplies or Martha Stewart brand

Any one of these topics can put you in some trouble... you've been warned.

Are there any topics you steer clear of?
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  1. I agree expressing your political views can have you ranting and raving. My sister found that out the hard way when she expressed her views on her FB page. Politics & religion a definite no, no!

  2. I never talk about work. It's a great way to get fired.

    1. Oooh, you're right! There was a friend of mine who was constantly talking about her job on her facebook page and her boss read it all... not good!

  3. School options: homeschool, public, private, charter. There are no cookie cutter kids, families, or schools. Let's just give parents credit for doing what's best for their kids--because that's hopefully how they made their decisions.

    1. Political talk on both sides leads to informed voters. I'm not against this. Attacking the other side is what would alientate this reader. ;) Sometimes a fine line, so you are right in the advice to just avoid the topic.

  4. You crack me up! Too funny. Good think I don't know your toilet paper roll hanging preference. That would alienate me for sure if you didn't conform! ;-)

  5. Yes talking about politics and how you prefer your pizza could both get you into trouble :).


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