Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I've Learned Wednesday - Spreading Ourselves Too Thin

Oh brother, have I done it now.

I am overwhelmed.  I fully admit it, I've lost control of this situation.  I have so much to work on, I am paralyzed.  So nothing's getting done.  I have over-committed myself to many people and am now paying the price.

I think the problem is that I think I can do anything.  And you know what? I probably can do anything... if there was about eight more hours in every day.  But there isn't, so I'm stuck being paralyzed.

Are there any other super-bloggers out there who don't know their own limitations?  TELL ME YOU CAN RELATE.
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  1. I am by no means a super blogger, but I do find that trying to work on projects, do chores & maintenance, work at the office, take care of my pets, keep up with social media AND maintain my blog has been running me down lately. I can't even imagine what throwing kids and spouses into the mix does... you have my empathy!

  2. Ahem...see my blog post from yesterday about my head spinning and falling off. I'm with Anne - we do so much and it's hard to say no. I am with you. And I also shut down when I have so much to do I don't know where to start. When I hit that point (warning: unsolicited advice time; feel free to ignore), I make a list and I break things into manageable chunks. Chunks that I actually can accomplish in the time I have that day to do them. You can't do it all, although I suspect we try too often to do so. Hang in there, friend. This too shall pass.

  3. I can totally relate, says the girl that just finished washing the dinner dishes, who is trying to finish up a post for tomorrow, who is trying to visit all her favorite bloggers to leave them love, to folding the laundry. I am always spread too thin. Let's just forget about all that we have to do and just meet at Ikea already :)

  4. I'm no superblogger, but this so happens to me too and I'm right there with you now. I'm reading and commenting on a day and a halfs worth of posts and when I'm done with this I have to write up a post for tomorrow and I have a few other guest posts to work on. And it's 11 at night...yikes. But...I know I'll get caught up again and breathe a little easier...until next time I get myself in this position again...and I will!

  5. I can totally relate with the spreading yourself too thin. I hope you're feeling like you're in a better place today and with a handle on things.

    I'm in the middle of trying to organize my entire house, garage, finding a daycare for one, after school care for another, and trimming 30 bushes outside all before starting my new job on Monday.

    Hope you're having a great day today!

  6. "No" is a hard word to use to learn when there are so many worthwhile things to do with your time.
    There's good, better, best. It's hard to sort them out and pick. Kids, PTA, cleaning, becoming an informed voter, blogger, church, service to others,...we really can't do it all and that's ok. Doesn't make me feel any less quilty when things fall through the gaps. We'll all just encourage each other! You are amazing! :)


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