Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - The Big Show

I survived.  I am covered in glitter and spray paint, but I survived.  My children and husband are buried in macabre debris, but I survived.

Mommy's gonna need a vacation from this.

My sister came over this morning to help put the tombstones up, even though it was a billion below zero.  I'm exaggerating of course... it was only 40 below.

The rest of the graveyard went up as planned...

We here in Illinois get a kick out of making light of our incarcerated elected officials.  We're a hoot in this state.

The witches are ready for their hot coals.  They also requested Long John Silver's for dinner, but I have my limits.

Ramses (that's what we named the mummy) is ready to greet the trick-or-treaters...

I have enough candy to put someone in a coma.

I have just enough Halloween spirit to last the night.

I have hot cocoa and marshmallows ready for my little goblins after they're done going door to door.

And then, I have a fuzzy robe to retreat in when it's all done.
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  1. Thanks so much for your Halloween inspiration! I did a take on your witch cauldron and used the hot coal idea... and it may be my favorite decoration EVER. Definitely a keeper. I also convinced Husband to build some dilapidated fence sections to surround our "old" graveyard. Loving it! Have a great night!

  2. You rock! My kids and I were looking at your pictures and they said you have the coolest decorations! So, it's official. You deserve a break today, friend. You worked hard this month, for sure. Enjoy your comfy robe and hot chocolate. You've earned it! xo

  3. WOW, you really went all out! Congrats on a job very well done! :) I bought some sweets in case any kids came, but they haven't so I guess I'd better eat it myself! :)

    Never had a trick-or-treater. My parents house is two miles down a dark and scary lane, so that helps! :)

  4. Funny tombstones, amazing mummy...and amazing mommy to do all that decorating for your kids and your community.

  5. Sure wish I could trick or treat at your house!

  6. Wow! your garden looks fab.
    Hope the kids had a great night.

  7. Hope you had fun and stayed warm:)! You had a great month of Halloween goodness! Now take a break for a minute:).

  8. Your house looks so good! I am in love with Ramses. I thought I had a lot of dead people in my yard but wow, how many gravestones do you have? Did you make them? I bought mine but I plan to make some next year, along with my mummy and wood witches of course. Check out my last Halloween thing.

  9. Your house looks amazing! We didn't do much at our house this year but I have lots of ideas for next year. Thank You for your 31 Days of Halloween post. I live in Illinois also and I especially love the Illinois Governor tombstone. :)


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