Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Dollar Store Pumpkins Need Love

Now, don't get me wrong: I love the dollar store.  I mean, everything is a dollar... THAT IS SOME SORT OF MAGIC I CAN'T FULLY EXPLAIN.  But dollar price tag might also reflect the quality of the item you're buying... and that makes this girl sad.  But buck up, little campers! We can make lemonade out of dollar store lemons because we're crafty.

Take your dollar store pumpkins for example:

That shade of orange is not found in nature, I can assure you.  So let's give it a coat of acrylic paint to freshen it up.

I found the best color came when I mixed an olive green with orange.  It really did look better with those two colors.  I added some mod podge and glitter to give it a nice sheen.  I love the word 'sheen'.

And then, I had to deal with it:  the seam in the middle of the pumpkin.  It was just sitting there, mocking me.  I stepped up to the plate and I added ribbon to it.  TAKE THAT, MOCKING PUMPKIN SEAM.

Once my pumpkins were properly 'pumpkin-ized', I spray painted some candlesticks.

And then, I plopped two of my dollar store pumpkins on 'em.  Easy to the peasy, y'all. (I caught a snippet of that Honey Boo Boo show, so I went redneck for a minute.  I'm back now.)

I bought another dollar store pumpkin but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what I did with it... "The Office" is coming on in ten minutes and I have priorities.
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  1. They are beautiful! I love those dollar store pumpkins. Megan

  2. Ha-ha can't miss the Office, Dwight may give you ideas for decorating with beets. I am totally making your Wood witches next year and I am going to name one Priscilla.

  3. haha I just love your writing style - I always know you'll make me laugh. Thank you for addressing the pumpkin seam! I've been seeing a lot of crafters use those pumpkins lately and they just pretend they're not there. Ribbon was a great idea for covering them!

  4. I bought those same pumpkins and they are pretty orange for pumpkins, but I put ribbon on mine and when I post pics on my blog and I will let you see what I did to mine and how they turned out! Great idea with the glitter!!!

  5. Yes, The Office does need to take presidency :). I love what you did with these 2 dollar store pumpkins...definitely much better after you makeover. I can't wait to see what you do with the third tease :)

  6. I'm glad you came back from Redneck-dom. I love these! Glad you made the pumpkins more natural looking, you know, before the glitter! :) Did you have to prime the candlesticks or sand them before you painted them?


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