Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Halloween Topiary

Halloween isn't complete without a good topiary!  Or maybe it is, what do I know?  In any case, I made one... and it was easy-peasy.

I found this little wood tray at Goodwill for under a dollar and knew that I could use it for this.

I painted it gray using a spray paint primer.  I put some floral foam in it and hot glued a dowel.

I wrapped some orange and black ribbon around the dowel and stuck a foam ball on top. Once that was done, I needed some cobwebs.

I didn't have any cobwebs.  I was in my pajamas and I didn't want to go get any cobwebs.  So, I used cotton balls.  In a pinch, they worked just fine... and I didn't have to get dressed.

I sort of scraped the cotton ball over the foam ball and let the webbing happen naturally.

And then it was all covered.  Now, at this point at least, it looked like a snowball.

Plastic spider rings to the rescue!

I cut off the ring and hot-glued a straight pin to the bottom.

I stuck in the spiders and added some moss and more spiders to the bottom.

Love it!
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  1. Oh that is fun! Love the spiders at the bottom too! Cool project!

  2. I love it too! Super cute and most important for me, doable!

  3. I like how you improvised with the cotton balls. I could have gathered cobwebs from my house to make my topiary. (Not kidding here.) It looks great.

  4. This is scary! I am not joking. They look so realistic on the 'snowball'. Just joking this time, the ball looks like a giant sticky, webby spider egg.

  5. Super cool! Where did you get the spider rings? My daughter asked me to get some, but wasn't sure where to find them (you know, 'cuz they aren't always on my shopping list...go figure). Did I mentioned she stole all my googley eyes and now I can't find them?!? Meh.

  6. You are a crafter after my own heart. I am so glad you found a solution to your spiderweb issue without having to get out of your pjs. Phew :)


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