Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Haunted Birdhouse Village

We're marching onward toward Halloween, boys and ghouls.  I keep telling that joke at the grocery store and it never gets funny to those people... tough crowd over there, I guess.

Anyhoo, I saw this cutie project over at the blog Sweet Little Smoothie.  It's too cute not to make!  I bought some birdhouses from Jo-Ann's (for a dollar each!) and readied myself for spookiness.

First, I took the little perch dowels out.  They are not necessary for our haunted village.

Some popped right out and others needed persuasion.  I gave them persuasion like they've never known.

And now, they're ready for their paint job.  I painted them all black to start, leaving the roofs untouched... I painted them other colors.

I added some scrapbook paper to the roofs and made doors out of felt.  To finish them up, I added some Halloween stickers.

Isn't it the scariest birdhouse village you've ever seen?  It's in a good school system though, so the property values are OK. :)
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  1. Oh, those are so cute!!! (and yeah, you need to shop at a different grocery store.) ;-)

  2. That made me laugh out loud re the school system - hysterical. I love these. You are amazingly creative!

  3. I think these are too cute to be scary! I love how you accessorized them. Did I say that before? Anyway, they look great on your mantel with the hurricanes. It's looking very Halloweeny.

  4. We made some decorated tiny birdhouses this summer, but never thought to do one for Halloween. Awesome idea! Yours are too cute!

  5. You make me laugh...even when it comes to birdhouse villages.


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