Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Hot Coals

Yesterday I showed you how to make a witch silhouette with some cheap wood and a jigsaw... and a patient husband.  Today, I'm showing how I made some 'hot coals' to go under the witch's cauldron.  I mean really, you can't make an acceptable potion without some hot coals... we aren't barbarians over here.

I have more than enough orange lights for Halloween, so I commandeered a set for my coals.

Once I tested them, I got to work... I used black electrical tape to tape three lights together in a bundle... and I kept going until all the lights were taped.

Once that was done, I grabbed some scrap black fabric and cut them into squares, about three inches by three inches or so.  I used black thread to wrap the fabric around the light bundles.

That was it... now, I have orange-ish coals to go under my cauldron.  I would love for them to flicker, but they didn't come with one of those flicker bulbs so I made a sad face and moved on.  Here they are under their cauldron, cooking up something wicked.

Halloween is only 16 days away.  I can hardly contain my excitement.
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  1. Awesome idea! Very simple, but has a really cool effect!

  2. Fantastic idea! They look great. Can you steal a blinker bulb from a christmas light set?

  3. 16 days away...really? Oh my, I have lots to do still. I love your hot coals. They really do look like hot coals...except for the flickering thing :). Seriously, you did a great job!

  4. Genius! And all something my husband could whip up in a weekend! I'll approach him thoughtfully at dinner tonight! LOL

  5. BRILLIANT I SAY!!!! BRILLIANT!!! I am sure it looks awesome in person!


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