Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - I'm a Spooky Artist

Now, I'm not an artist, really... but it is really easy to feel like one when you have a paintbrush in your hand and a finished project in front of you.  If you're anything like me, you strut around like you're Picasso for a day or two until your husband tells you that you haven't been commissioned to repaint the Sistine Chapel and might want to knock it off.

That could be just my experience.

I have some scrap wood hanging around after a Halloween project that I'll show you all this weekend... and what shall I do with this wood, I ask myself out loud.  So, I broke out the stencils and the acrylic paints and made a Halloween masterpiece.  OK, it's just a little painting, but sometimes I still do that strut.

For the background, I painted it all black and then gray right over the wet paint... it gave it a chalk-boardy look.  Chalkboardy is now a word, you heard it here first.

I think you should make some art, if only to strut.  Enjoy it.
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  1. Seriously, I am so impressed how you've come up with so many amazing projects! Next, the Sistine Chapel!

  2. Well I am never going to be able to do the artsy thing, can I just do the strut anyway?


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