Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - One Dollar Window Decor

That's right, you can decorate your windows for Halloween for $1.  And it's cute, too.

Step one: Go to the dollar store and buy a roll of craft paper for $1.

Step two: Draw out a window scene onto the paper that will fit your window.

Step three: Cut out the scene and tape it up on the window.  With the blinds down and the lights on, the window looks awesome from outside.

I put up my Halloween lights just 'cause I'm crazy like that.

One dollar.  A buck.  And my windows look so spooky I'm scared to come home.  Of course, that fear is probably the piles of laundry I know are waiting for me. *shudder*
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  1. Hey I did this too but mine are weapons and an actual stuffed cat, I think I added it after my post. Your scaredy cat is awesome.

  2. The laundry can wait...there will always be more to add to the pile anyways. What a great idea and addition to your Halloween decor.

  3. I found your website a week or so ago and love it! I have done a few of your projects and love them! my fiance is a VERY picky person. He likes to buy everything new but I on the other hand do not, it costs to much that way! Anyways found stuff around the house and made the grave yard fence!!! My fiace came home, saw it and loved it so much! Especially when i told him i payed less than $10 for the whole thing! He wanted to go to Lowes to get more material to make grave yard bigger! Just wanted to say thank you and will continue to check your website for new ideas!


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