Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Potion Ingredient Jars

You know, witches these days have really got to have their stuff together.  I mean, if you're looking for fairy's tears for a potion and can't find it, you might find yourself in quite a pickle.  In keeping with my goal to organize everything, I decided to make some jars for potion ingredients.  Since I had no potion ingredients with which to work with, I had to make those too.

Sculpey is my friend.

I decided I would need some eye of newt and some Dracula fangs... not just 'vampire' fangs, actual Dracula fangs which are much harder to come by, what with the surprising lack of Draculas around nowadays.  At any rate, I used my sculpey to make some fangs and eyes and baked 'em.

While they were baking, I painted some sunflower seed shells... they look like witch's fingernails.  Some black acrylic paint and glitter and a potion ingredient was complete.

When they eyes and teeth were done baking and cooled, I painted: The teeth got a coat of white and then a little blood red on the ends and the eyes got a dot of black in the middle.

Once the paint dried, they went in their jars... I found these at Michael's for $0.99 each.

I added some labels to them with vinyl and had four witchy ingredients nicely organized: Fingernail of witch (painted sunflower seed shells), Eye of Newt (sculpey), Dracula's Fangs (sculpey) and Hair of Bat (leftover trim from my burlap runner).  Easy-schmeasy.

Now all I need is a potion book and I'm in business.
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  1. That is HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!! How fun would that be at a Halloween party??? You are so creative.

  2. If you did have a potion book, you would be unstoppable. These look GREAT. And, if I ever lose a tooth and need a replacement, I am calling you :)

  3. That is so creative! And why is it that Eye of Newt is in every dang potion recipe, and yet it's so hard to find? So awesome - you rock!

  4. LOVE IT!!! I was contemplating making a potion book, but it seems my witch will have to go without, unless of course, you have something super inspiring. I did make potion bottles and hope to have them up by the end of the week! Yours look great!!!!!

  5. Hi! I love this idea! How did you make the labels? What material did you use and font was used? Thank you.


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