Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Skull and Crossbones Hurricanes

I found the inspiration for this project over at the blog Oh My! Creative.  And oh my, there are a million creative projects over there.  Give 'em a look-see, you won't believe what you'll find.

The best thing about a project, for this thrifty girl at least, is when the supplies can be found at the Dollar Store.  I needed some hurricane vases and candlesticks, both of which are $1 each at the dollar store.  I weep with joy on every trip.

I used the silhouette to cut out some vinyl skull and crossbones, but really you could just print one out and cut it with scissors... tape it to the front and you'll get the same effect.  I used some Martha Stewart glitter to add a couple of glittery stripes to the bottom.  I took some electrical tape to tape off the lines and then used regular ol' school glue to add the glitter.

I also dipped the top rim into some glue and glitter... I love a glittery hurricane vase.  Once it was dry, I took off the tape, shook off the excess glitter, and hot glued the candlestick to the bottom.  Done-ski.

Such a simple project, really inexpensive, and (if I'm not counting the glue-drying time) really quick.  Love it!

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  1. You rock! How do you keep coming up with these ideas?! Shoot! Good stuff.

  2. Adding glitter to the rims really finished them off well. They look great.

  3. these are so great! I am planning a pirate birthday party in the near future and may need to remember these :) I am so glad to be following your blog!

  4. I took a technology break for a week and then I come to your blog because it is one of my favorites and I am loving, loving, loving these Halloween posts. Your so awesome, I will be taking no more breaks just sitting here waiting for you to post again. Hurray for Halloween, now I have to go make ghost for my mirror. Thanks!

  5. How fun are those?! I love them! The glitter adds just enough sparkle!

  6. OH MY!!!! LOVE THEM!!! The dollar store is awesome, but not as awesome as these turned out!!!


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