Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Witches a'Workin'

My youngest child woke me up before 2am last night, so you aren't getting any sort of creative post title.  My super-duper readers won't judge me, I'm sure.

Every Halloween, we put up a cemetery in the yard, complete with homemade gravestones.  Which I love.  And every year we try to add a little something to the yard... this year, we added some witches.

I went to the lumber yard and bought some cheap plywood, the big sheets.  I got the cheap stuff because the quality of the wood is not really important for this project and we should save money where we can... that way, I have more money for ice cream.

I had the wood cut into pieces that would be easiest for me to transport and use... I had some 6'x2' pieces cut as well as a 2'x2' piece.  That smaller piece I used to make a cauldron.  I drew the outline onto the wood...

For the witches, I found some pictures online and printed them out...

I used some sheet protectors to trace the shape with a Sharpie...

And then I borrowed an overhead projector to trace the shape onto the wood.  The overhead projector took me right back to grade school.

For those of you who can draw, you might not even need the projector.  Myself, I can't even draw stick people.  I needed the projector.

Once my witches were traced, I had the hubs break out the ol' jigsaw and cut 'em out for me.  He likes to feel useful.

Once that was done, I sanded any rough edges and painted them all black.  BOOM.  Done.  I gave each of the witches a dollar store draping because that was in their contract.

On Halloween night, these will be backlit by a spotlight... come back tomorrow to see how I made the hot coals for the cauldron!
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  1. Oh that is just wonderful! I love it! I won't judge you, I run a haunted maze!!

  2. I was just going to ask you if you add your new stuff to your old stuff you've already made when I thought I'd better go back and reread just to be sure you didn't include that in this post. I wouldn't want you to think I only look at the pictures. (Who? Me?)I love the witches!

  3. I just love you and your creativeness you truly ROCK!!! these really are so so cute I changed my blog name no more FOOTSTEPS :(
    same Janice just new name ok

  4. I love them! I have some images saved for things like for this next year. Hopefully life will be on a better financial track than it is this year and I can justify fun projects like this. I'm sure they approve of their $ store wraps!! They will look fab all lit up!

  5. You are a witchy woman :).

    This is impressive. DO you have one of those houses that people in the neighborhood look forward to seeing every year? Your witches are going to be quite the impressive addition to your graveyard.

    And, your sweet husband so willingly helping you...he's not so bad after all :)

  6. Those are excellent! And those witches can be so demanding. Such contract terms. Really very cool!!

  7. What a great hubby you have. Can he come over and give mine a kick in the butt? I've been on mine to help with wood cutting projects for a while now, since he doesn't like me to use his tools. I really want him to make a doll bed for our youngest, but I have a feeling we will have grandkids before he gets to it lol.

  8. These are great! I have the saw and the husband but neither of us have the talent or skills.
    I will just look at yours and dream.

  9. Whoa! (said like Joey) If I had not already exhausted my Halloween budget I would so be making these, next year, and one of them will be named Priscilla.


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