Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Placemats

So, I know that you have conflicted feelings about Thanksgiving.  You can't wait for the family and food and fun, but there is one thing you're struggling with.

That over-achieving sister/cousin/aunt that you know just walks around your house looking for something to criticize you for.  That lady's got issues.

This year, we're not going to let her get to us.  We're going to make our own lovely fall placemats for her to eat crow off of.

You'll need two fabrics, one for the top of your placemat and one for the bottom.

You'll also need some mid-weight interfacing, about 2 yards for four placemats.  This stuff is about $2 a yard, so you're still pretty thrifty here.  Cut your fabric to the size you want your placemat, plus seam allowance.  I cut my fabric to 17" x 22", but you do what you feel is a good size.  I totally trust you on this one.

Stack your fabrics like so: top fabric and bottom fabric, right sides facing, and the interfacing on the bottom.

Pin it up.

And sew up the outsides, leaving a hole for turning the whole works inside out.

I trimmed up my edges before flipping inside out, but that's optional.  If you do, leave the fabric near the hole un-trimmed for the final sewing.

Turn it inside out and iron it.  It's starting to look like a placemat, which is lucky since that's the look we're going for.

For the final step, sew around the edges again, with whatever seam allowance you like.  I used 3/8" 'cause I'm a rebel like that.

And it was done.  Kaboom.

That know-it-all relative hasn't ever made her own placemats, has she?  That means you're better.

That turkey is gonna taste so good this year.
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  1. You rock! The placemat looks great...did you also make napkin rings?

  2. You are so funny! Love your sense of humor. Have a great weekend!! :)

  3. I love these. What kind of fabric did you use? I love going into the Fabric store but there are so many choices I never know what to use.

  4. so cute! so is your humor! if you really want to blow your "over-achieving sister/cousin/aunt" fold the end of your toilet tissue into a triangle. HA!

  5. Hi! I wanted to thank you so much for your comment on my little blog re the ugly blog comments I had seen. That was so very kind of you to take the time and do so, I so appreciate it.

    Your placemats are darling!

    Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. Oh you KNOW that's my stress this year too! :) I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and trying hard to get the house clean and in good shape for my family and my husband and son are NOT cooperating and it's stressing me out. I just clean one room and go to the next and look back at the first and it's destroyed again already....ugh. Great placemats! Thanks for the ideas, as always :)

  7. I was inspired by your post and made placemats for our thanksgiving table. I don't so very much but they turned out ok.

  8. These placemats are beautiful! I can't wait to try these for the upcoming holidays - Thanks for the great post!


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