Monday, November 19, 2012

Thrifty Crafty Girl Is Exhausted.

I have not perished from the Earth.  I am alive and kicking, but so tired you can't even imagine.

I told you that I my doctor told me to take some extra iron to combat some anemia I was diagnosed with.  So, like a good little girl, I've been taking my extra iron.

It's not working.  I'm exhausted.  All. The. Time.  I'm choosing sleep over food.  I'm sleeping through the Hallmark Channel's holiday movies.  I haven't sassed my husband in like, 12 hours.


I have all these supplies for Thanksgiving projects that I was supposed to be doing and posting about but they're just sitting in the bag, looking pitiful.  If I don't get some energy soon, someone is going to have to chew my Thanksgiving turkey for me.

There is a good side to being in bed non-stop: I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year and I'm really liking the story I'm writing.  I should be able to finish my novel on time, so at least I can say that the month of November was spent writing the great American novel and not sleeping until I wake up and then sleeping some more.

And now, I need a nap.  Thanks to all of you who were checking up on me, you guys are awesome-sauce.
Thrifty Crafty Girl
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  1. I was wondering where you went and figured it was the anemia. Feel better, friend. xo

  2. I was wondering about you. Hope you are feeling energized soon! Happy Thanksgiving, Kim

  3. Good luck with your NaNoWriMo! I'm trying again this year as well but have fallen majorly behind. I'm hoping to catch up Thanksgiving weekend. I bought a t-shirt this year so obviously I have to finish now.

    I hope you feel better soon!


  4. Get better soon. Cyberspace is not the same without you. So excited to hear you are writing while stuck in bed. Hopefully you'll be back to assault your husband soon:)

  5. Hope you get better soon. It sucks to feel like nothing around is getting done. You gotta be up in time to eat turkey!

  6. Oh, no. I am so sorry you aren't up to your usual high standards! (I feel bad that I haven't checked on you.) Hopefully, the iron will kick in soon and you'll be up and kicking your heels. Be sure to wish for that on the turkey wishbone!

  7. I've been wondering where you were! I hope you feel better really soon. I tend to have issues with anemia too, and take a ton of vitamins. Here's praying you feel energized soon!


  8. Checking back on you. Are you feeling any better?

  9. Hello dear Priscilla,

    Sorry to hear you are still feeling so tired. I didn't forget your kindness in Helping me with the Halloween runner. santa will be visiting you soon with a little thank you! Hope to hear you are getting your strength back soon!



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