Monday, December 17, 2012

Picky Teen Girls Love Hair Care Products

It's Christmas time again.  Really, the only stressful part about this season for me is figuring out what to buy everyone.  Some people, like my husband, are so easy to shop for, it's ridiculous.  He likes gadgets and tools... DONE.  But teenagers and fashion-forward young women are a challenge for me.  I mean, I used to wear flannelVoluntarily.  I'm pretty sure that eliminates me from any sort of 'cool' category.  So when I found this deal for Fekkai hair care products, I knew what I needed to do.

If you aren't familiar with the Fekkai hair care line, let me fill you in: Frederic Fekkai (he's French, so I will be typing the rest of this using a French accent) is one of the most celebrated names in beauty and hairstyling.  The Fekkai hair care collection was introduced in 1995 and is customized to different hair types.  If you know your hair type, you're already halfway there.

The Fekkai website makes shopping so simple.  You can pick your product category from the top and they show you what they've got to offer.  My personal favorite is the Fekkai conditioners.  I'm a naturally curly girl and as such, the quality of my hairstyle is extremely dependent on the weather.  I need a good conditioner if I'm going to go outside and not turn into a poodle with a perm.  A look I have made work, by the way.  The Fekkai Perfectly Luscious Curls Conditioner is perfect for me... I haven't had to rock the poodle look since I started using it.
Perfectly Luscious Curls Conditioner 
Even the bottle looks luxurious.  And the great news is that there's a code for 10% off your total order and a complimentary exclusive holiday headband with a $50.00 purchase.  Just enter the code 'HEADBAND' at checkout! Right now on the website, it looks like shipping is free... head on over and buy that picky teenage girl who hates everything some salon-quality hair care products.  She might even say thank you, which would be a Christmas miracle.

Head on over to the Fekkai site and see what you can find!
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