Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blog Planner Heaven

My favorite part of a new year is getting a new planner.  Really, the day that I head into the office supply store to pick my new best friend is almost better than Christmas for me.  And when I find that planner, I skip all the way to the register, pay gleefully and then hurry home to begin filling its pages with awesomeness.

I never claimed to be a normal girl.

Inevitably though, I can never find a 'perfect' planner.  I've had great planners before, but by the next year, it will have been discontinued and the search for another one that is 'perfect' begins again.  And since I'm a blogger, I have specific needs in a planner that aren't to be found in just any old store.

So I made my own.

I am not the first blogger to find themselves in a planner pickle, so there were lots of examples from other blogs to choose from.  In the end, I took what I liked, left out what I didn't and made my own little version.  I found a website with some free background patterns and used that for my pages.

On the left-hand side, I have a space for three planned weekly posts as well as a little space at the bottom for tracking pageviews and followers.  I also stuck a little box at the bottom to write a blogger to contact as a way of letting other awesome bloggers know that I think they're awesome.  On that same page, I have space to jot down some goals, a to-do list and ideas for future posts and projects.

On the right-hand side, I have space for writing down any tasks I need to get accomplished.  Notice that there isn't much space for daily tasks... I have a terrible habit of writing down EVERY SINGLE THING I NEED TO GET DONE EVER into one day's list.  I'm hoping this smaller space will keep me grounded as to what I can actually get done.  'Cause I still need time to do nothing while eating ice cream.  Priorities, yo.  At the bottom of that page, I included calendars for the previous, current and next month.  It helps me to plan if I can see what is coming and what just happened.

This planner has everything I wanted.  And I had some Staples gift cards I got from surveys, so I only had to spend a few dollars out of pocket to get it bound.  This is planner nirvana.

I was going to add the file to this post but I don't know how.  My brain stops working at the end of the year and takes a couple of weeks for it to regroup.  If you'd like the pdf for the planner, send your girl an email.

**Hi everyone! You can find this planner on my Google Docs page, here is the link.  The first page has my info on it, so you'll need to make your own cover, but the rest is all yours!

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  1. That is a great planner!! So smart to make your own, getting just what you want. I always love a new notebook, new planner, always great for a new beginning of a new year!

  2. Of course the well organized, perfectly budgeted girl has made her own planner. I wonder if life would be easier if I used a planner? I used to be a planner but since I got laid off, as more time passes, I seem to be less focused.

  3. I am in need of a good menu planner. I am still on the hunt for one but am considering making my own. I need to have a place in it to make my grocery list and possibly track my spending too. Did you find it was cheaper to make your own verses buying one? I have heard that it is.

  4. love it! you know I'm totally sending you an email for the pdf!

  5. Wow! This is great! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanks! I'm hoping to get more organized with our blog this year!

  7. I love your planner! such a great idea! I found you through a linky party and would love to have you stop by my page if you have a chance!!


  8. Great planner! I made my own last year too and it's so nice to have it exactly the way I want it. :-)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing! I've been looking online for blog planners, but like you, I have specific things I want. Seems each blogger does their own thing, funny enough. ;)

  10. This is great! I've always used Excel to digitally organise my blogging (calendar, ideas, etc), but I'm now in the process of putting a blog planner together. I'll be really pleased if it turns out as well as this.

  11. Cute! I like that there are only 3 "to do" lines...I, also, am entirely too optimistic about what all I can get done in one day! :)

  12. Ah! Someone who is as picky about planners as I am!! Haha.

    I blog on wordpress and use the "editorial calendar" plug in, but I also "plan" post ideas in my weekly planner.

  13. Thank you sooo much for this! I really have a lot of blogs and I messed up sometimes because I can't think of which one I should write a post first. Crazy! But, this seems to help me solve my problems. ♥

  14. You know I love me a great blog planner! Yours turned out absolutely wonderful!


  15. i love your super simple daily page. You wouldn't have a template to share, wouldja?

    1. I do! I can email it to you, if you like, or you can head over to the Google docs page at the link in the post... Print away and enjoy!


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