Friday, January 11, 2013

Cleaning Caddies

I realized, just now, that two of my three posts this week were cleaning related.  This might make some of you say, 'wow, she's really got it together, I bet her house is spotless!'.

I'm going to pretend that it is, just so you don't look foolish.  I'm even going to pretend that there isn't a layer of dust on top of my shelf and the TV doesn't have those sticky fingerprints on it.  If we work together, you and I, we can imagine that my house is as clean as you picture it.

I found these little caddies at Walmart for $1.50 on clearance.  Oh brother, only $1.50.

I grabbed a ton of them.  I even went back again the next week and got more.  My house will be filled with these caddies and I will be in the middle of them, laughing maniacally.  But enough about my Tuesday afternoon.

I added some vinyl to them...

And just like that, I had caddies for my cleaning supplies.  Look how pretty...

Don't those look adorable?  And now, all the cleaning supplies are in their specified caddy, in whatever location their supposed to clean: One for the car, one for the bathroom and one for everyplace else.

Who knew that $1.50 of plastic could make a girl so giddy?
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  1. I totally get giddy over that stuff all the time;)! super cute.

  2. I love how you put the names on the bins in the positive, into the now...clean car, clean bath. Hopefully your super cute and organized cleaning supplies will inspire you to always have a clean car and clean house.

  3. Love these!i I have to organize my bathroom linen closet. I just bought some bins, and I hope they work.


  4. So cute! I have a bunch of caddies. Maybe I'll like them better with some vinyl. Once I figure out how to use my new Cameo! :-)

  5. I love those caddies. I have one for upstairs cleaning supplies and one under the sink in the kitchen. So handy!

  6. Those are a great idea, I have one big basket that I carry with me all over the house, up and down stairs, to the car, etc. I need these!!! I'm your newest reader and follower, thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier today! Have a great weekend.

  7. Oh, these make me long for a Cameo. They are so cute. I like the idea of having more than one too-- I have one general one for cleaning supplies, and it is overstuffed. Maybe I need more than one for different areas of the home?

  8. I tried that but with one container full of pockets to hold various cleaning needs, it was originally a gardening caddy. Miserable failure. Things went anywhere but the container and its pockets. I'll try your plan, see if they'll put things where they obviously go. Everyone's had eye exams so they can't use that excuse:-).

  9. I love being organized, neat and tidy. These containers would make me feel good about cleaning! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!


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