Monday, January 14, 2013

Organizing DVDs

I'm a movie lover.  I try to watch one new movie a week and I always ask for a favorite movie for birthdays, Christamases, I-Survived-My-Children-Saturdays... you name it.

And then, the DVDs took over.  It got real up in here, people.

I bought a ginormous cabinet made for holding DVDs.  And filled it.  And DVDs spilled out into a bookcase.  And filled it.

I told you it got real.

I read on another blog, Simply Organized, that she used these little plastic sleeves to organize her DVDs.  I checked my local Target store and found some and then they stopped stocking them.  So I ran over to (so to speak) and bought some.  They have free shipping for orders of $25, so I would buy a couple of packages at a time to defray some of the initial investment.

So, here are three Dollar Tree bins filled with movies.  This isn't all of our movies, just what would fit in the bins.

Now, let's do a space comparison here.  This is all of those movies, taken out of their case and put into a sleeve.

Seventy-five movies, that barely fit into three of these bins, now fit easily (with room to spare) in one bin.  I was totally sold.  I bought enough sleeves for our movies and Wii/Xbox games as well.  Now, I have one shelf of movies:

I can't even tell you how much space this saves us.  The Wii games alone allowed me to empty out one drawer and use it for candleholders.  Because I have lots of those.  And as far as I know, no one has made a sleeve for those yet.

You've gotta love making room where you thought there was none.  Success.
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  1. That is impressive. Does it make it harder to find a movie this way? Have you also alphabetized them?

  2. Hey darlin!

    It's Samantha from simply organized - clicking through to see your awesome blog and what I could possibly have done to inspire you. :-) I love your DVD project!!!! Yay for you getting it done. Isn't it amazing how much space you save when you use the sleeves???!!! I'm still blown away with our organized collection!

    Thanks again for your sweet email, friend!


  3. What did you do with the cases?

  4. Omg I need these!! I have ~300 movie and counting

  5. Thank you so much for this tip! I loved it so much I tired it out myself and posted it on my blog :)
    ( ) <-- if you're curious.


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