Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Wreath

It was like, four degrees when I got up this morning.  Sweet Moses, it's like another ice age... when that freezing wind hits you it's like a punch in the face with a block of ice.

Since spring is nowhere close to appearing, I needed a wreath for the front door that reflected the frozen tundra in which I live.

I grabbed some clearance winter stuff that I got in the after-Christmas sales: a wreath, some gold and silver pine cones and a can of spray snow.

When you throw those things together, here's what magically appears:

A pretty (and inexpensive) wreath for the front door.  When the ice age ends, I suppose I'll have to come up with something else.
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  1. Actually, they are talking about us entering another mini Ice Age, like there was in the Middle Ages. So much for global warming, huh! Anyway, love the wreath. My Christmas wreath needs a facelift, like lifting the poinsettias from it.

  2. Ah, yes, the joys of living in the Mid-West. At least your door looks welcoming and inviting...even if no one is able to be out long enough to appreciate it :)

    Stay warm.

  3. Love it - when life gives you snow, make a snowy wreath! We had two days of freezing weather and now we're back in the 50s.

  4. Nice wreath! I'm a Southerner, I don't think I could handle single digit weather. If it falls below 70, I'm "cold" ;-)


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