Monday, February 4, 2013

"Knot" Valentines

I saw this on Pinterest and wept from the cuteness.  Or the weeping could have been because my three-year old insists on not leaving my side for one second, even to tinkle.

At any rate, I saw this pin and hopped over to the blog it led to.

I know, tears of cuteness taste salty.  And the best thing about this? THE BLOGGER LETS YOU DOWNLOAD THE TEMPLATE FOR FREE.  I believe in angels now.

I made some for my son's classroom Valentines, using the school colors for the bracelets, and in an afternoon, they were done.

I told you, it's adorbs.  And there's one more thing I can knock off my to-do list!
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  1. I've only just learnt of the wonderfulness of Pinterest. Super idea!

  2. What a good mom you are. The kids will love those!

  3. CUTE! Believe it or *knot*, one day you'll miss that little 3 year old following you around :)

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