Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrifty Crafty Girl Goes Green Update

I made a resolution this year to use only reusable bags for shopping.  NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS, I TELL YOU.  So, how am I doing?

Awesome-sauce.  If I entered that sauce in a sauce contest, it would win the award for 'awesomest sauce'.  On an unrelated note, if anyone knows of a sauce contest in the area, give a shout.

I have not brought home A SINGLE PLASTIC BAG since I made my resolution.  I know, I'm just terrific.  My husband went shopping one day and didn't have any bags and brought home paper bags.  After I beat the crap out of him gently reminded him of my goal, we recycled them and moved on with our lives.

And my reward, as I plainly stated in my resolution declaration, was a trunk organizer for myself.  I likes to gets little treats.  Here she is, in all her glory:

It's actually pretty large but it was really cold outside when I took the picture and I didn't want to spend a billion hours trying to fit the whole thing in the frame.  'Dedicated' was not the word of the day that day.

And I took my 'going green' a step further: I have eliminated all paper towels from this house.  THIS HOUSE IS CLEAN.  You know, from "Poltergiest"?  Let's all watch that movie tonight, it'll be great.

I bought a whole bunch of bar towels and put them all over the place.  And then, I just stopped buying paper towels.  I just stopped, cold turkey.  Sure, I had some initial withdrawal... but I persevered and no longer even look for a paper towel to clean up a spill.  And I've saved quite a bit of money not buying them, even if I use coupons and if I count my extra towel investment.  Love it.

It's almost March, have you all kept up with your resolutions?
Thrifty Crafty Girl
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  1. That's great work!!

    Here in Wales, they passed a law last year and now each carrier bag costs 5p. You can tell the people who forgot to bring their bags to the supermarket because they're walking out trying to balance a basket's worth of goods in their arms and unlock the car at the same time lol :) It's definitely helped us all to use more reuseable bags but it's so frustrating forgetting them and having to buy new bags!

    I've not yet done the no paper towels though, that's something I'll try next I think, thanks for the idea x

  2. Wow! I'm impressed. Cutting out paper towels cold turkey is a feat. (Poltergeist scared the business out of me when I was a kid! I avoid all scary movies now. :) )

  3. I almost choked on my candy bar when I read your question about keeping resolutions. (My answer is in my first sentence!) I've never been a big user of paper towels, but we do keep them in the house. I also have lots of reusable bags, but I was so grossed out when the clerk found stink bugs inside them that I've been too scared to try again. (Do you have stink bugs in WI?)

  4. Koodos! Great Job! I wish I could pick up my green a little more. Especially as an Environemntal Studies Major.. :(

  5. Hmm...I am not sure I could go cold turkey on paper towels. I love the idea of saving money but I think I might be addicted to them. Congratulations on meeting your goals. It's definitely inspiring!

  6. Great goal! We try to use reusable bags as much as possible as well!

    Jenna @

  7. Where are you? I'm worried about you.

  8. That is excellent! I've been trying to wean myself from paper towels. Hard with two dogs and two kids! P.S. Where have you been? Haven't heard from you in a bit and I'm worried a little. xoxo

  9. Where are you??? I am so worried about you. I hope you're just very busy in all good ways.


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