Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Argyle Wreath

Argyle wreaths are totes popular on Pinterest.  And I'm a follower.  So I made one.

Here's a little warning for you: The first step in this project is to wrap a foam wreath in yarn.  So easy, right?  YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG.  Wrapping the yarn around this friggin' thing took HOURS.  I mean, actual, real, MIND-NUMBING hours.  Take heed, my crafty friends.

Once that part is over, the rest is quite simple... once the feeling comes back to your hands, that is.

I cut some felt diamonds and put them on the wreath.  Then, I wrapped some more yarn (SWEET MOSES, HOW MUCH YARN IS ENOUGH FOR YOU, VALENTINE'S WREATH?) around the diamonds in a criss-cross pattern.

I added a felt heart or two, and admired my pretty wreath.

The last part took like, five minutes.  If it hadn't been for the soul-crushing hours spent on wrapping the wreath in yarn, I would make a million of these, they're so cute.

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  1. I made a yarn wreath once and in the end got so fed up I'd cut a length of yarn off, fold it into five and then do 5 strands at a time, glue at the back, start again. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    It looks really cute though if that's any consolation?

  2. Beautiful wreath! I'm not sure I could wrap yarn for that long though! I cheated and bought a yarn-wrapped wreath at Target at the after-Christmas clearance. I can't wait to use it one day (soon?) :)

  3. That is adorable. What did you watch while you made it?

  4. This is so cute! and I hear you on the soul-sucking yarn wrapping part...I made a yarn covered wreath this past X-mas and it was TORTURE! But then after the compliments came rolling in (alot of them from me), my yarn wreath and I decided it was worth it! :o)

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  6. I've always wondered about that wrapping part - thanks for taking one for the team and letting us know how it really is!


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