Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teaching Tolerance Early in the Morning Can Backfire

You've gotta love kids.

My eight-year old son asked me a question this morning:  "Mom, why are there different races in the world? Why isn't everyone the same?"  It was far too early to remember/explain geographical anthropology, so I decided to take a different approach... I compared all people to birds.

"Well," I began, wishing that it wasn't so early, "think of people like birds: there are all sorts of birds in the world.  There are some with lots of colors and some with none at all.  There are birds that are big and there are birds that are small.  There are birds that fly and birds that don't.  And think how boring birds would be if they all looked the same."

I was satisfied with my answer for just a moment... then my son replied, "I think all birds are too noisy."

You're not kidding there, fella.
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